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  1. Costco 11.50 an hour. Awesome benefits.
  2. If I go to Arizona with my permit will to visit? Can they deport me or make things difficult for me. I'm just asking cause I'm a little scared

    1. cheated


      i advise to just stay out of trouble but they can't detain or deport you or anything like that.. they have no right to.. and don't let them intimidate you

    2. erika020


      I went to AZ (driving) couple weeks ago with other Dreamers who didn't even have DACA and it was all good, we just tried to avoid the check points

  3. Heyyyyy.!

    Yay congrats
  4. Background Check

    When a job asks you to do a background check do you put both last names or one? Will being new to DACA give my background check problems? I have no criminal record
  5. Well they called me right after saying I have the job & send me & email for me to send/approve the background check
  6. My parents believe that I was discriminated from a company after they told me I had the job & after passing my background check they send me an email saying after all I didn't get the job...it said after going trough other candidates backgrounds we've decided to go in a different direction". Something like that I still have the email. I was upset let it go but my bf and parents want me to call and report them but idk if it's a good idea...
  7. So this company told me I had the job as soon as I passed my background check (I have no criminal background) I called every week they would just make up excuses. 3 days ago they emailed me that they decided to go with someone...even after my background check. I'm do upset. Do you guys believe it has to do with been me been a DACA holder?

    1. Danny_963


      No. Being a DACA holder does not matter to employers, what matters is experience, i know because i got turned down a couple times for no experience and they hired people with more experience. just keep applying at different places. i applied at ROSS stores and they hired me, maybe if there is a ROSS close to you, apply there. if you do, apply as SPS which is their security, we get paid more than regular associates. ($9 an hour) and that is not a bad start.

    2. cheated


      it's BS tho that they literally told her she HAD the job as soon as she passed her background check..

      Rica, you should demand an explanation

    3. Rica1993


      Thank you Danny! & yes @cheated they told me I had the job I got a call right after the interview, they sent me an email that provided my signature for the Background check which I send right away! I want to demand an explanation but I wouldn't know how? It just upsets me so much.

  8. Has Anyone Else...

    Thank you guys
  9. Has Anyone Else...

    Okay thank you I'm gonna go apply.
  10. Has anyone else had trouble looking for a job about being approve? If not where do you work?
  11. Discrimination At Its Finest

    By the way I have no criminal background or anything bad on my record
  12. Discrimination At Its Finest

    Well actually guys I'm so upset right now! As I said when I first posted this post, they said I had the job literally said that they were just "waiting" on my background check. Well I keep calling them once a week I swear everytime it was a different store. First one of the managers said "they got my background check" but for some reason the company was "holding it" & he want a email asking them for it. Last Friday I called & they said my background check hadn't even gone trough? Everytime was a different story. Today I just receive an email from them saying..... "We received many applications from candidates with a variety of different backgrounds. After reviewing all applicants, we narrowed it down to those that best fit the job requirements. At this time we have chosen to move foward with other candidates." I'm so upset, I mean if I had already gotten the job & all I needed was the background check why did this happen.
  13. So I had an interview a month ago. I got the job on the spot I called about my background check and they said I passed it but the company was holding on to it for some "some reason" I'm so mad that even with a ss# we get discrimination I'm very upset.
  14. I've been approved for DACA for 5 months now. I finally got a job the only thing I was waiting for was my background check. A week ago the manager called me saying my background check came back with an error in my social security has this happened to anyone else?
  15. I showed the work authorization ID it's just way easier to do it that way, no questions are asked. Tell him not to freak out he is hereegly there is nothing they could do to him on. A checkpoint as long as there is nothing illegal in your car