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  1. Hey guys i just wanted to post this because i know how hard it could be to get a job when so few places are hiring, and the ones that are hiring want "experience." i applied at several stores (i live in California by the way) outlets, department stores, Walmart, pets-mart and some gas stations. a friend of mine that i worked with in the past introduced me into a new job opportunity with a company called TransAmerica and its working out great. in about three months i got called back from a ROSS store, and was hired. i have been working there for about 4 months now, i was promoted to SPS (Store Protection Specialist) yesterday. i love working there. i did not need a fancy resume i just honestly told them that this was going to be my first official payroll job but that i was a fast learner and that i would be a valuable asset for the store. i was named employee of the month the month after i started working there. this shows you that we all have the opportunity to succeed, you just have to look for it. you might not get the job that you want right away, but you will eventually get it just start off with small jobs to build up experience in costumer service, which is what most employers want. i hope this help and if you have any questions please feel free to ask me.
  2. Credit Card

    I recently applied for a credit card at wellsfargo and was declined because they could not find any credit score for me, the lady that helped me later told me that the reason might be because in our ssn it has the label of FOR WORK ONLY and she thinks that that might be the problem but i know that since our ssn are new, we of course have no credit history. this has also been an issue when i tried getting home phone service with verizon, but im told that verizon is its own credit separate which is ok. the lady at wellsfargo also told me that some times if i stay a loyal costumer with them, sometimes they take that into consideration to give me e credit card, and told me to wait about three months. thank you all for your input, now i am more aware of what i should know and added to what i already knew.
  3. when you get approved, wait a couple weeks before you apply for the SSN because it takes a while for the USCIS people to update their data base of approved people

    1. pswa83


      i applied for my SSN 3 days after getting it in the mail. i got it late friday and applied early monday. i had no problems when i applied for my SSN.

    2. itzel


      I was approved on Oct 2 2012, I went and got my SS card 5 days later. No problem. I think it depends on the office..some office are managed by tougher employees than others..

  4. Lol, It Just Came To Mind

    I was also wondering this, and im thinking on going to Vegas this summer since i already got approved, and well im planing on wining lots of money lol, but yea i read that you can win the lotto even if you are a non citizen, but the taxes applied to you are higher depending on your state of residency, but who cares really you win 100 mill who cares if they take half i still got 50 more to kill lol
  5. im seeing this question a lot and so far guys i think im the one who has waited the longest, i sent my request on september 21st, did my biometrics on the 20th of november and got approved on january 7th, so it was a little over 3 months, dont worry you will hear from them the reason why it is taking longer its because holidays got in the way, and their paper work got pilled on, but you will hear from them soon, the minimum time now is of about 4 months, so dont worry just keep your head up and dont let your nerves get the best of you, take it from me, i had lost all hope, but i got approved, God will help us all, Package Received: September 21st 2012 Biometrics: November 20th 2012 Approved: January 7th 2013 Approval Letter and Work Permit Arrived at my House: January 9th 2013 Official Work Photo ID in mail: January 14th 2013
  6. just learned, i will get my driver's license and a social security number now that i am approved

    1. ツ alejandriiukz ㋡

      ツ alejandriiukz ㋡

      Congrats if I haven't congratulated you :)


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      Congrats lucky u

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    4. Danny_963


      thnx every one, and erika it took about 3 and a half months


  9. its been almost a month since my biometrics and still waiting, man the waiting is gettin to me god give me strength

  10. Welcome to the forums Danny_963 :)

    1. Danny_963


      thank you. how is your case going?