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  1. were can i apply for credit??? I have try BOF, Wells Fargo , Citibank, Sear and nothing :(,

    1. Rawf


      You aren't supposed to try more than 3 times per month, even less if your ssn is new. Your credit score can be all messed up now and it takes months for those points to be back into your record.

    2. Baby23


      Since you we're just issue a social security it will be hard to get approve for a credit card.

      Yesterday, I applied for a secured credit card at Bank of America I gave a deposit of $400

      Which will be my limit as well and it will be return to me in 12 months. Then you can start

      Applying for other credit cards that require a mid (650-higher) credit score. Make sure you

      Are paying the full amount for your credit to show significant change.