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  1. Has Any One Travel Outside The Us?

    To #Gera. I told USCIS that I need it to go because my grandmother is sick. To #Gezinha good luck and start saving up because you'll need it.
  2. Has Any One Travel Outside The Us?

    Hey guys has anybody travel outside the United States? My brother and I already got approved for advance parole to go to our native country (Mexico). We are schedule to go on March 14, 2014 by plane. I am excited and SCARE at the same time by when I return back to the US. Even though, we hired a lawyer and he did all the paper work for us I still can't help to be scare. Has anybody been to their native country and gotten back with any issues? Please share with me your experiences. Thank you guys in advance! Should I keep worrying???
  3. I hope this bill pass. The first thing im going to do is to join the military.
  4. Okay guys, i have a question. If the immigration reform passes, what exactly are we getting with this???? Will be allow to join the military right away? Will be able to travel without humanitarian reasons? Is it true we will be able to apply for immediate citinzenship after 5 years? Can any one please answer these questions! Thank you!
  5. License In The Mail Yet From Nc?????

    Hey guys i got my NC license n the mail today. I am so happy
  6. Hello guys is anybody from NC has votten their hard copy in the mail yet? When anybody does, let us know on the forum.
  7. Hey guys im sorry im asking lots of question.... But does anybody knows if us (dreamers) qualify to draw for unemployment? Ive been working for 3 months now since i got my ead, but my job is about to start laying off people. The bad part is that im going to be one of them Anybody can help?
  8. Ssn Starts With 8???

    Thank you guys this really helped me a lot! Specially the post of #gezinha.
  9. Hey you guys I hope everybody is doing alright. I have a concern...does anyone else's social security number start with 8??? I was looking online, and I dont see any state that begins with this number. By the way, im from nc. Smebody help please. I am worried!
  10. License & IDs by State.

    I hope that is just something temporary though because I have a brother that haven't got his license yet ;(
  11. License & IDs by State.

    I am so confused because I got my license 2 weeks ago and am from NC. When did this start?
  12. License & IDs by State.

    Where you got this from? I got my license, and am from NC.
  13. Has anyone got approved and is from NC?

    Yeah im gonna call Monday to ask what's going on.
  14. Has anyone got approved and is from NC?

    Ok. I hope u get approved soon.