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  1. If you could change one thing...?

    If I could change something, I would eliminate borders. I understand the politics behind it, but we do not choose where we want to be born. I was born in Mexico and migrated here at age 6 months, better said I was brought here. My birth certificate says Mexico, but all I know life in the US. This weekend I was watching a film Deportados, with Julio Aleman, Chelelo and others. Films like these always put a lump in my thought, because we come to the US for a better life, but are treated like criminals
  2. I placed on the application the name as it shows on the berth cert since all documents have to match with the documents you provide and the Bert Cert is one of the main docs you will submit, and since most women have changed there name as least once you would place that in aka portion,
  3. I sent an e-mail to the USCIS in regards to what service we can use, and this was their response: Good Morning: The method of shipping is your choice. Please note the difference in mailing address if you choose to use the USPS rather than another private courier. Private couriers do not ship to PO Box addresses. The Lockbox Support Team U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services From: Cookie Sent: Friday, August 17, 2012 4:35 PM To: [email protected] Subject: What type of Courier Services Can I use To ship to any of the overnight lockboxes can I use FedEx, UPS or any other carrier service or my only choices is the United States Postal Services(USPS). Thank you in advance for your time and attention in this matter. FYI: I used USPS overnight and got a signature copy when I used the service.
  4. A passport is not mandatory (but if you came in with a passport and it is stamped, I would) , per a news cast last night. If you read the instructions Form I-821D page 3 part 3. What Documents Do You Need to Provide to Prove Identity? and it states "Submit copies of any of the following" and it gives 7 choices a-g. It does not say all but the more you have the better they can identify you.
  5. 1. the BC does have to be translated and signed by a person who certifies it, I can e-mail you the sample verbiage if needed. the passport does have english and spanish so no need to translate. 2.Doctor's visit, cc statement, cell phone bills, receipts. 3.It is a case by case base, sometime as we fill them out we miss something, but to be honest as long as you follow instructions you will do fine. I am doing mine on my own since it is a risk I am willing to take and I feel confident with all my proof I will do fine. And yes if you have anything on your record please see an attorney. 4.the total fees at this time are $465 paid the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (and it depends in what state you live you will have 1 of 3 lockboxes to send your comlete package to with all 3-4 form (one is optional G-1145) along with your funds 5. No limit each case is individual, some people have a couple of pages and other have hundreds. my package is about and inch high. With Doctor visit receipts, school id's, school cums and transcripts, awards and rent receipts. and the main info BC and Paspt Lastly when you answer the form I-765 Please read the instuctions carefully since a lot of people did miss. 15 says Current Immigration status? When I read through the instructions for this form page 5 it states on the second column 2.a. Enter “Unlawful Status: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals by ICE” for question15. 2.b. Enter © (33) in Question 16 as the letter and number of the category for which you are applying. This info was a life saver, but a little long so I had to improvise on the line. 16? it says Go to the "who May file Form I765?' section fo the instructions. in the space below place the letter and number of the eligibility category you selected form the instructions? for an example (A) (8) , © (17) (III), act WHAT do i put for that? See question above
  6. Help please

    I have a question on the I-765 worksheet, can someone help me? We are trying to apply for my nephew who is 16 and a junior in high school. His parents are here illegally as well, should I just place all $0 and explain his circumstance. Also his parents work odd jobs and do not file taxes. If I can get some feed back it would be much appreciated.
  7. Welcome to the forums cookie :)

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      Thank you dream, I am happy I found this sight and will absorb as much as I can to help others