Aim High!

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Hey guys!

I've been reading so many posts about the difficulties in finding a job and I just wanted to share my experience.

Once I got my EAD, SSN and license, I decided I needed to start a CAREER. I had been lucky enough to have found a full time nannying position (paid cash) but now that I had been approved, I felt like I was finally allowed to break free and fly. I am done working 2-4 jobs and having no stability or reliability.

I saved a little money and went to Target and bought a navy suit ($30 for pants, $25 for jacket) and a few blouses to be ready for interviews. I had nannying and restaurant jobs on my resume but I played up my customer service skills and experience and applied it to industries that had room for growth. I applied to all of the best hotels in my city for a front desk agent or reservations position and front desks at other companies including an insurance brokerage firm.

It took 2 months of spending 9-5 a day applying, sending resumes and cover letters and following up via phone and email to every single submission until I finally landed my top choice. My top choice required a minimum of a bachelors degree, proficiency in word and excel and other more general skills. I never went to college and had nannying and restaurant jobs on my resume but I applied, emailed and called until I got a phone interview.

Women: please read "Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office". It helped me SO MUCH. I faked it till I made it into that damn office LOL I knew NOTHING about insurance and bought a book course on excel. I've been working there for 3 weeks and every day feels like a dream. Full benefits, 401k... Everything that seemed so far away and almost impossible for so long.

I really want to stress that you are all deserving of job security and positions that you've been waiting for all your life or at least the majority of it. AIM HIGH. Ignore requirements and sell yourself. If you know you could do a good job, get yourself in there. Rehearse over and over the best qualities about yourself and skills you have and say them confidently. This is your time to shine and make the best of what you have so don't sell yourself short.

And be patient. Don't lose steam. I am lucky it only took me 2 months and a handful of "no's" but I was ready for the long haul. If I can help with resumes, cover letters, what to expect at a phone screening or in person interview, please feel free to email me: [email protected].

I wish you all luck and hope you fight as hard as you always have cause we are one TOUGH GROUP!!!!!!!!!!! Oxoxox

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