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They sent an RFE, its been a week and have not received it... how long does it take!? My service center is Texas service center..

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make sure you make a copy of the RFE letter before you send it back just for your personal file. and of the evidence you sent too. that way if anything happens, you have proof of what you sent.


also send it priority mail with delivery confirmation. this will tell you when it gets there and USCIS should update your online status a few days after they get it. 

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Ok, I will! thanks but they asked for thwo different things in the rfe, more evidence of GED classes,for which ill send a copy of my GED certificate.. but also they asked for proof for 2008 presence , I only have proof for jan-june 2008 and medical records for december 2008...but I don't have anything for July-Nov 2008 :/ Idk what to do.. :/

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Hi i would like to know what happen with ur case after the RFE ?? I hope u got everything now

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Send something every three months (trimestral)

1. January, February, March (you got January)

2. April, May, June (you got June)

3. July, August, September (you need something for this trimester)

4. October, November, December (you got this one)

This is some of the stuff you can send:

Marriage certificate(s) if married in the US;

Divorce decree(s) if divorced in the US;

Religious records such as baptism, confirmation, and registration certificates;

Lease/Rental agreements;

Date Issued passports or matricula consular

Date issued membership cards like, gym, Sam's club, etc

Census records;

Proof of ownership of real estate (e.g. deed to a home);

Proof of security deposit payment;

Dental, hospital, medical vaccination records and bills, and proof of payment;

INS/DHS Form I-94 arrival/departure record identifying you and your date of admission;

Other correspondence/notices from INS/DHS identifying and addressed to you;

Birth certificates of children born in the United States;

School records, awards, certifications, diplomas, pictures, report cards, yearbooks, etc.

Valid (expired or un-expired) passport with tamped dates of admission into the US;

Proof of application for home loan and proof of paying off home loan;

Proof of purchase of an automobile and payments for automobile and car insurance;

Automobile and registration, car title, license receipt and Department of Motor Vehicle records;

Credit card history in the United States (e.g. Visa car, etc.);

Department of Public Safety records;

Insurance invoices, claims, policies, and payment of insurance;

Utility bills such as electricity, gas, heat, sewer, water, etc. and telephone bills;

Bank records such as bankbooks, statements, canceled checks, and money order receipts;

Other dated receipts;

US Selective Service registration card;

Postmarked envelopes addressed to you here in the US;

Photographs of celebrations in the US, preferably with dates marked on them;

Proof of remittances of money from you here in the US to your family in your home country;

Paycheck stubs and payroll records;


Union records;

Record of payment of federal, state, and/or local taxes with W-2 forms;

Social security records;

Worker’s Comp claim records;

Proof of any awards, certificates, or commendations received from work;

Medical records from injuries at work;

Proof of any classes or vocational training received for work;

Letters or written notices from employers;

Postmarked envelopes with your name and address in the United States;

Notarized affidavits from friends, family members, community members, religious organization members, or school faculty and staff stating what years they have known you in the United States (must be notarized and include a copy of the person’s photo ID);

Notarized letter stating your presence in the United States

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