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  1. Need Help With College

    I'm trying to attend college at either New england tech. trying to become a vet tech. and that college is the only college in rhode island that offers that really.
  2. Hi, I've been wanting to go to college for the last 5 years. So i ended up going and they saying theys nothing they can help me with. Is they any other programs that might be able to help me. I really want to go to college but at this current moment i dont have any money to be paying.
  3. Dream Act, & Social Security Has Arrived!!

    So get my ID first like a state ID then get my license why is that?
  4. Dream Act, & Social Security Has Arrived!!

    No i didnt work under no fake SS# always under the table.
  5. Security Job

    Looking into it. I Think you can. im going for my gun licenses but depending if you got a assult charge and etc on your record they wont give you it
  6. Tax Id #

    Some one told me i have to get a tax id # is that true. I already got my Visa, ss# Already taking the Drivers permint test (Wish me luck :/) going to ccri to see if i can sign up to fall classes wensday as well as applying to many jobs that i can but then i heard i need a tax id number. What did you guys get so far? Oh yeah also apply for a bank account as well.
  7. College

    going in wensday to speak with them and thank you
  8. College

    Really that sucks a**. Anyways. I'm trying to do two years of school. I called and its $16,000 for two years hopefully i can get 75% of it paid off.
  9. College

    I have a friend out in Florida who did fasa or something like that and she isnt working and they paying for her schoo?
  10. College

    can i apply for college even though im not working yet.
  11. Dream Act, & Social Security Has Arrived!!

    the card 2 weeks tops
  12. Just Got Approved

  13. Dream Act, & Social Security Has Arrived!!

    i dont want to say yes and you not get it. but im sure you will get it for sure but with the holdiays coming up. im not to sure
  14. Lost My Receipt Papers!!!! :(

    Call them and ask them if they have a copy of it. if you still did not find it.