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Hello all -

A couple of thoughts as to what transpired last week and what is expected to happen this week :

- G-Dub (President Bush) endorsed immigration reform on Sunday in national TV, and said that there was a strong chance that a bill would be drafted in the House.

- Rep. Michael McCaul R-TX, criticized the current version of the bill, saying that the provision to secure the border was drafted in a hurry and that it lacked a structured plan...'Candy thrown down there...'

In a nutshell, the momentum is there, let us see how the House debates on the issue and hope for the best...keep your hopes up and fingers crossed!!!

Further reading:



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i heard it as an "internal meeting" to discuss whether or not to even allow it on the floor.

dont know, lots of pressure, hopefully they do something.

Ditto. The republican house of reps have to vote on it first to see if it's going to even be brought to the floor. The internal meeting doesn't indicate if it will or won't, it just has to happen. Cross your fingers guys! This feels closer than ever.

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Don't know how accurate this article is but this seems like a believable response SMH


No worries - 


It is redundant to say the least...


It basically says what House Republicans have been stating since the Senate Bill passed...


However, they will draft something...expect to be surprised around fall this year  ;)


BTW - a significant number of voting citizens are pro-reform. However, the most conservative don't want to see 'free amnesty...' meaning, they expect the #11Million to pay some sort 'fine,' in addition to back taxes on undeclared income.


Let me throw in some numbers to get you excited:


  • if the fine was $1,000 per undocumented immigrant:
    • The government could potentially earn $11 Billion (11 thousand million)
    • The average person earning ~$40,000/year would take approx. 275,000 years to amass this wealth (if salary is constant)
    • It would take EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN (~315 million) to donate ~$35 bucks to get to that amount
      • Or EVERY SINGLE CHINESE (Ex Hong Kong/Taiwan/Macau) to donate ~$8 to reach that amount
  • Mind you, I am not factoring in taxes on past undeclared income


The way I see it, it will happen: the country will benefit strongly from it in the short term (fines + application fees = gov revenue), and the long term (income tax revenue, SS, Medicare) until we become eligible for citizenship and government benefits (which I don't believe in; personally, that is).


Bottom line, Boehner will be like that pretty girl that plays hard to get...he will eventually give in LOL



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