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  1. Rfe Of Ged

    I got the same rfe and the school I went wasn't credited Neither . But I have my GED diploma now. But what you can do is make the appointment for the test, take it and if you don't pass you can send the score. And just sending my diploma, score, and the invitation for the graduation that they send me, but I'm getting a letter for the school that explains that they are a private school and the only provide the classes. I hope everything go well! God bless you and pray a lot lol
  2. Same here bro dec 3 2012
  3. Waiting For Rfe

  4. Anybody Waiting Since 2012?

    December 3 2012 Bios jan 03 2012 Still waiting bro Nebraska center
  5. 12 Months And Still Nothing, Aaahhhhhh!!!

    Congrats I'm still waiting 17 months
  6. Hey guys I'm from MD I applied for DACA on dec 12 2012 to the Nebraska center still on initial review, I Call them and what they told me is to keep waiting! Men it sucks! someone else in the same waiting time?
  7. Need Help Please. Much Appreciated.

    Hey man dec 3 2012 still waiting ! Nebraska center
  8. Daca Still "initial Review"

    17 months bro
  9. Welcome to the forums Julio c :)