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  1. Well first of all how did you enter this country? With visa? Or entered without inspection?
  2. I'm officially 16 months of waiting and still nothing...

  3. The One Year Club

    I'm at 16 months of waiting and nothing....
  4. Still waiting.....getting close to 16 months of waiting..

  5. Why Is It Taking Soo Long ?!?

    I've been waiting 15 months about to be 16 months December 23,2013......
  6. No updates yet....15 months and still counting and waiting.......

  7. I'm so sorry to hear this but I have bad news for you having a DUI is a automatic denial. My lawyer has a couple of cases denied because of DUI and these people were charged with this many years ago. She told me it's because your a danger to public safety so that automatically denies you from DACA benefit. They will find out when you do biometrics again when you request renewal for DACA. You need to go to a lawyer ASAP and find out what your options are now. I know that there are no guidelines yet for renewal but my lawyer said that they will deny anyone's request with a DUI because they will see your record when you do biometrics again when you renew. She said they always do biometrics for any immigration benefit which would be DACA/EAD. I don't know all of your story but if you were drinking and driving then you knew better to be out and doing that, that makes us (undocumented young people) look very bad.
  8. 1 year and 3 months here and counting and still nothing.......

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    2. adol


      wow me to one year im wondering if after waiting for so long we can still get rejected

    3. AlexanderMQ


      Yes you can still get denied

    4. adol


      is very hard to be waiting like this mentally this is killing me.

  9. It's an error you might wanna contact USCIS ASAP to fix this issue, if you decide not to report the issue and use the documents you could end up in a lot of trouble with USCIS/ICE.
  10. I Got Approved!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lucky congrats! what's your timeline?
  11. Officially One Year Of Waiting!

    I'm still waiting as well look at my timeline below...
  12. One More Question!

    Yes he can petition you. He will need to file an I-130 for you but actually even if your brother petitions for you it could take 7-10 years before you can get your green card.
  13. What Can I Do Now After Getting Rejected?

    Very strange could be just an error if you really do qualify and you sent it (Real) documents for your evidence then you might want to talk to a lawyer about your case ASAP.
  14. Still waiting..... 15 months on November 23...