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  1. So this company told me I had the job as soon as I passed my background check (I have no criminal background) I called every week they would just make up excuses. 3 days ago they emailed me that they decided to go with someone...even after my background check. I'm do upset. Do you guys believe it has to do with been me been a DACA holder?

    1. Danny_963


      No. Being a DACA holder does not matter to employers, what matters is experience, i know because i got turned down a couple times for no experience and they hired people with more experience. just keep applying at different places. i applied at ROSS stores and they hired me, maybe if there is a ROSS close to you, apply there. if you do, apply as SPS which is their security, we get paid more than regular associates. ($9 an hour) and that is not a bad start.

    2. cheated


      it's BS tho that they literally told her she HAD the job as soon as she passed her background check..

      Rica, you should demand an explanation

    3. Rica1993


      Thank you Danny! & yes @cheated they told me I had the job I got a call right after the interview, they sent me an email that provided my signature for the Background check which I send right away! I want to demand an explanation but I wouldn't know how? It just upsets me so much.