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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I've been doing this for some time now and it works wonders when you don't have a job or your EAD has expired, your license is still valid and you need a side job. I have a full time job, but I love to travel and go to somewhat expensive restaurants and to be able to do that, I have to do what I can to be able to afford my expensive taste in life (hehe). I'm sure you have heard of Uber and other similar companies, I'm here to offer information and a promotional code in case you're interested in signing up and working until your DACA Case is re-approved. Hey! at least you will be making money!. There is no catch here, you work your own hours and you get paid for giving rides to people in your area. That's all you would do. What requirements do you need? You must have a clean driving record. Your background check must come clean. (You can get a free copy of your background check if you like) You must be 21+ years old What's the advantage of using the link below? You will be getting $250 when you sign up and so will I. You have the possibility of getting $500 if you signup someone else using your custom link. Will I be getting the $500? No, that seems to be only a promotion for new signups now using someone's referral link. Interested? *Sign up by clicking *This is a referral link with a $250 bonus.
  2. Well its been almost two months since i received my permit and i haven't been able to find a job, I have been filling applications left and right and nothing man I'm so damn frustrated ever since i got it i only had one job interview and they only called back to say that the position had already been filled. Im so stressed out about this whole situation.
  3. Hello everybody, does anybody know if it is necessary to get a state ID to get a job? I start friday so Idk if i really need it. Thanks!
  4. Job Hunting

    Guys in June 2012 I had graduated with a BBA in finance. I didn't intern because I was told I couldn't intern without a social. Otherwise I would have interned as much as I could. Now when I apply for jobs, everyone tells me the same thing. I don't have experience. I can't even intern now because I have already graduated! I have been managing a store for 7 years while I was in the pursuit of my degree, but that didn't even help on my resume. I have my resume on monster. I only get calls for commission based jobs with no future. I am in such a dilemma! All this wait for a Ead and I'm stuck in this economy? Should I just get a blue collar job? I already spent $40,000 on my BBA. If it didn't pay back, what's the point right? Please help! I am from the NY area.
  5. First Job

    For anyone who has been approved and has everything they need to get a job. What kind of jobs do you have and what would be a good first job.
  6. Job searching

    Here are a few tips on where to find jobs - 1. Online - Most companies take the electronic route these days. So, if you have a company in mind you would like to work at go on their website and search for the "careers" or "jobs" link. Some even allow you to create a profile and save your resume to apply for several positions. Department of Labor - All states have one. They will have online resources for job searching. Go on the website and register. Registering allows you to upload your resume and personal information such as SSN and EAD number on a secure website. Also lots of reliable employers post jobs daily, so your search is more likely going to be successful. Other websites -, craigslist (BE VERY CAREFUL on here though most posts are scams so NEVER provide your personal information), 2. Old Fashion Way- Go to businesses and ask for job applications. Make sure to look presentable and professional. First impressions are important. Ask relatives and friends if they know of anyone hiring. You are more likely to get hired if someone you know works there already Newspaper ads That is all I can think of for now... Please feel free to add more information