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  1. Thinking about calling USCIS I know what there going to tell me but ugh this sucks!!!

    1. jimenezerika


      i called yesterday but it still in initial review .:/

    2. erika22


      Yup that's what they told me your still in the right time frame to receive something we will notify you when something changes.. Okay well notify me today please lol ahh!!! This stinks!

  2. Official Nebraska Approval or Pending Cases

    That's weird I wonder what that means?? Maybe the name on your card might be different? Idk maybe you should call and ask
  3. DACA Process [Timelines]

  4. Official Nebraska Approval or Pending Cases

    I know what you mean I'm sad then happy then sad but whatever we will get approved within these weeks. I hope!!
  5. Official Nebraska Approval or Pending Cases

    Omg really I'm pretty excited now ahh!!! Our time is coming hopefully this is our lucky week
  6. Official Nebraska Approval or Pending Cases

    Nope not me still waiting
  7. Last week of the month!! Lets hope we get approved before the end of the month!! Come on Nebraska!!

  8. Approved Daca Benefit Parents?

    This sounds very interesting!! I would really hope for something to pass that could help our parents! I really hope this year an immigration reform finally takes place that would be the best!!
  9. It's been 52 working days since USCIS received my application and 31 working days since my bios it feels more like 75 days of waiting around! This wait is kicking my butt!!

    1. erika22


      I know I try I will not worry about it then one day I'm just obsessing about not receiving any and how another week just past.

    2. x0_michy


      Give it about another month at most :/ (I know, sucks) but my app took about a little bit over 2 months. You might get lucky (hopefully) and it'll be sooner

    3. erika22


      Thanks hopefully I hear something soon

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  10. 29 working days since my bio's according to some excel spreadsheet Nebraska's average to approve people is 31 day hopefully Im one of those lucky one!!

  11. Official Nebraska Approval or Pending Cases

    I know don't worry about that mines says it hasn't been updated since november 13 I think and I did my bio's on December 5th so it just means they haven't looked at our cases since then! Its pretty frustrating I've called the 1800 number and they say just be patient your still in the proper timeframe to receive any news so its frustrating. Have you calculated how many working days since your bio's because I think if its been more than 3 months you can call and ask them to see whats going on.
  12. DACA Process [Timelines]

    Really that's cool I sent mines to Nebraska my cousin sent his too Arizona and was approved really fast
  13. DACA Process [Timelines]

    Hey we have around the same time line what center did you send your info too?
  14. Ugh I'm afraid to get a job and then I get approved and have to quit. I did my bios Dec 5 but what if I get lucky and get approved faster before the 3 months :-/ what to do!

    1. Raul


      If you really need the money now, get it. You'll be able to get almost any job after your approval :)

    2. ツ alejandriiukz ㋡

      ツ alejandriiukz ㋡

      You do not need to quit just talk to your boss about your situation he will be undestandable :)

    3. erika22


      @ Raul I mean I could use the money but my parents just say to focus on school better but Idk its hard not having your own money!

      @ alejandriiukz its because I don't want to get the job and then quit once I get approved I think thats rude and I'd really like to be able to work at a hospital and use my skills that Ive learned from school

  15. Official Nebraska Approval or Pending Cases

    That's good to know we should keep eachother informed
  16. Official Nebraska Approval or Pending Cases

    I know mines says the same thing it says the last day it was updated on November 15th and I'm like hello people update my case and approve me!!
  17. Official Nebraska Approval or Pending Cases

    He we do have you received any news? I'm so impatiently waiting lol it's so stressful
  18. Official Nebraska Approval or Pending Cases

    You've been waiting for a while did you do your biometrics on September 13th?
  19. It's been 28 working days since my biometrics! Hopefully I receive something soon or maybe next week since today is Friday!

  20. New To This!

    I know what you mean did you sign up for emails or text messaging from USCIS?
  21. Official Nebraska Approval or Pending Cases

    really I know Im still waiting for some type of news but nothing I hope we receive good news soon!
  22. Another day and nothing from USCIS sigh maybe tomorrow will be my lucky day!

    1. pswa83


      when did you do your bios?

    2. jcarlos08


      Thats how I been feeling the past days :/. Anyways great news will come soon :) Good luck ^__^

    3. erika22


      Hey sorry guys I didn't log on earlier but I did my biometrics on December 5! I know some people have done them before me but I feel like its been forever since my lawyer had told me he had already submitted the paperwork in september and he didnt submit it until I had to check up on him and November was the month we sent the paperwork! :( ugh I wish the process was just faster!

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  23. I know what you mean I'm so excited to get approved but it seems so far and like my case is just sitting there on someone's desk under a huge pile or something. I live in New Mexico and I was able to drive and do things like that but working was a little harder. After high school I continued going to college but slacked off for awhile I felt like what was the point of getting a degree if you can't work. Now I'm beyond excited I will finally be able to work in a hospital and use all my knowledge from school. It's kind if frustrating at times but I'm trying to ignore the whole application and just hope one day it will arrive in the mail. Keep your head up guys
  24. Well hopefully the centers start approving people faster. Imagine how slower the process would be if they hadn't hired workers to be ready for the DACA process.
  25. DACA Process [Timelines]

    My timeline!