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  1. Approve For Work Permit Green Cars Today 5/22/2013

    Wow congratz in ur approval so exciting yayyyyyyyy wats ur timeline and service center
  2. October 2012 Cases

    really dont worry about it at least you noe that there looking at you application
  3. Omg congratz on your approval yayyyyy
  4. October 2012 Cases

    hiii how r u omg maybe ur gona get approved soon im still stuck at initial review it sucks
  5. October 2012 Cases

    hey i did my bios on october 30th
  6. Congratz yayyyyy what service center
  7. October 2012 Cases

    Me too ive been waiting since october when i took my bios and still nothing
  8. Email From Uscis

    ive seen thia before and you must be approved them im guessing
  9. Waiting Since November Anyone Else -___-???

    Ive been waiting since october 30 when i took my bios and september 27 when they received my application
  10. Thanking God Almighty

    Wow congratz to you
  11. About 2 Hours Ago...

  12. Is He Approved?????

    i believe hea aproved
  13. Approved... Yes!

  14. Daca Case Reopened??

    Thats weird its the first time i hear that too a case being reopened try calling and asking
  15. Check Your DACA Case Status

    Maybe its just a cliche try and check again @sonadora1
  16. About 2 Hours Ago...

    Congratz im seeing more and more people being approved thats so exciting congratz again whats your timeline and service center sorry to ask you but ive been waiting since september
  17. Uspc Lost My Mail.

    Dont worry everything is gona be okay youll see
  18. Hello! Been Waiting For 7Months Now

    september 27 application received bios october 30 with california service center
  19. Hoping for a new beginning :)

    1. analee02
    2. Calidreamer


      Don't loose hope!

    3. marisol143


      any news on your case, have u got approved???

  20. Hello, Just Introducing Myself

    Welcome to your new second family I'm very grateful to have found this site since a lot of people here have helped a lot i also at first felt alone but now i feel happy and i have confidence since theres a lot of people like you and me who will benefit a lot from DACA
  21. Approved, Key: Be Patient.

    Omg congratz im with california service center tooo im so happy to see alot of approvals yayyyy
  22. Checked My Status And Im Finally Approved

    Wow congratz im so happy for you congratz again a new life is about to begin for you
  23. December!!

    nope not yet but im keeping my hopes up hopefully soon im on my 6 month since my bios
  24. December!!

    Congratz to all of the people that havs been approved yayyyyyyy