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  1. i received 2 text saying to check my status online and i did and for the I765 it says my card is under production and for the I821d says under initial review..................
  2. Need Help

    Just received a letter about my service request The letter says that since my form I 765 is related to the i 821d a determination on employment authorization canot be made until the review is completed on the request for deferred action
  3. I just checked my status online and this is what i got once i opened my case. Expect a 30-45-day delay between when your application or petition is filed and when your information is available in Case Status Online, depending on the volume of applications USCIS receives.
  4. California service center

    Who has sent application to california service center and have gotten paper for bios and work permit
  5. Just applied for my ID soooo happy:)

    1. latinagirl


      Congratulationsssss so happy for you ;)

  6. i hope so lol im so scared of failing both
  7. Yay just received my social security card but it says authorize to work with dhs approval in big big letters lol

  8. I went and they told me it was going to take 4 weeks to received my card
  9. Good luck dont worry too much
  10. Whent to apply for my social and the receipt they gave me it said i had to wait up to 4 weeks to get my card is this normal?

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    2. Audiocrazy20


      I believe most are told 2 weeks. I was told 4 weeks because my name was incorrect. And I received exactly 4 weeks later.

    3. JoseG


      When your information is verified with DHS the moment you went to applied, your receipt will say that you will receive your SSN in 2 weeks. If your information isn't verified, your receipt will say 4 weeks because your information has to be manually sent out and verified with DHS.

    4. miguel2013


      it takes 5 days from the day u apply they tell u 1-2 does not take that long

  11. Social Security Shipping

    Just when today to apply for my social security card and they told me it might take up to 3 or 4 weeks really???
  12. Surprise In The Mail!!

    thanks ill go then
  13. I Was Approved

    congratz wow u waited quite a long time but hey at the end its worth the wait
  14. The Name's Alex! Nice To Meet You!!!

    welcome to your second family and i wish u the best
  15. Surprise In The Mail!!

    i was wondering too if i should go already to get mine social or wait a little more since some people have had to wait like 4 weeks to get their social when they went the day after getting their card..................
  16. Finally :):):):):):)

    Congratz yayyy
  17. Approved!!

    Congratz yes i have seen the sAame thing happen to others its okay and again congratz yayyy
  18. i was thinking if waiting like 10 days to get my social cuz i have seen that some people have had trouble getting theirs if they go right away but i don't now
  19. Hellooooooo just received my card when can i go and apply for my social???
  20. Just waiting for my card to arrive i already have a tracking number so anxious lol thanks to everyone that has helped me and given me advice to keep on going no matter what obstacles i had infront of me i love guys :)

  21. 8 Months Waiting

    hey be happy ur almost there be patient ill be praying for u and everyone else
  22. I Been Approved =>

    lol congratzzzzZzz yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  23. Dreamers Must See !!!!!

    hey come on cheer up
  24. Dreamers Must See !!!!!

    Its true im so happy for this new opportunity that im getting and i cant wait till i start working and going to school