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  1. Approval!

    wow congrats on your approval yayyy
  2. Hi, I Have A Question!!

    ive called but i havent been able to speak to anyone
  3. DACA Process [Timelines]

    yup i applied on sep and took bios on october ive done a e request and service request and they just tell me i have to wait and wait which sucks
  4. Hi, I Have A Question!!

    i hope i hope send me gud wishes im happy for all the recent approvals but i still get sad cuz ive been waiting and nothing
  5. Hi, I Have A Question!!

    whats your timeline
  6. Hi, I Have A Question!!

    omg congratz on your approval
  7. DACA Process [Timelines]

    congratz on your approval
  8. Approval!

    whats ur timeline and what service center
  9. Approval!

    Congratz yayyyyyyy more and more approvals
  10. Just Happened.

    Congratz wats ur timeline
  11. Check Your DACA Case Status

    I just checked my status and it says initial review this waiting sucks
  12. I Think I Just Got Approved! Help.

    Omg your approved congratz yayyyy
  13. 7Months Today!!...

    well at least you got something its going to be 7 months tomorrow for me since i did my bios and nothing still stuck in initial review
  14. Got A Job!!

    congratz on your new job
  15. Still under initial review

  16. Hi i used my matricula that exp in 2009 and it wasent a problem
  17. March Apllicants

    I applied on september last year and im still waiting to get approved but im with california service center
  18. I'm Just ..

    hey cheer up ur not the only one waiting ive been waiting since september imagine that but i keep myself positive as hard as it is dnt pay too much attention to it as hard as it is just go on with ur life like before you even applied or knew about daca
  19. I Got Approved!!!

    wow congratz soooo happy for all the approvals
  20. Working Days Calculator

    Ive been waiting 144 days since bios i wonder how many months is that
  21. Approve For Work Permit Green Cars Today 5/22/2013

    It makes super happy and exciting to see alot of approvals
  22. welcome to the club I've been waiting since september
  23. felisidades just opened a bottle of patron to all if you approvals congratz
  24. I'm New Here