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  1. sounds like it went pretty good ... I have my appointment next week , can't wait Hope you get your approval soon
  2. Coming Out Once APPROVED

    It's not something i would tell people unless I have to and I agree with JamRock, "people who didn't know before don't need to know now"
  3. Univision..

    aww can't wait to get my EAD too!! i'm probably gonna cry too when i get it lol :b
  4. sigh :( .... so many limitations :/ ... can't wait to get my permit !!

    1. erika020


      lol same here!! :b ... i need it to be able to get my AA :/

    2. Rawf


      I'm studying to go take the written test lol.

    3. erika020


      @ Rawf I should do that too while i wait for my approval :) cause the handbook is like 100 pages long ! :/

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  5. Anyone thought about Advanced Parole?

    ugh this is so confusing :/ ... but i say unless it's not an emergency we should not risk it. and according to USCIS you should apply for advance parole only if it's an emergency. Advanced parole is an extraordinary measure used sparingly to bring an otherwise inadmissible alien to the United States for a temporary period of time due to a compelling emergency. source : and
  6. Hello my Fellow Dreamers

    Nice well congrats on your accomplishments and wish you the best on your future plans! keep on giving the best of you and don't give up . Good luck and welcome!!
  7. Anyone thought about Advanced Parole?

    I'm guessing that if USCIS approves your request for advanced parole ,there should be no problem.
  8. Hello, I'm Hector and I like to Dream.

    Hello Hector I know what you mean :/ ... i felt like that too, but i'm glad an opportunity like this one was given to us

    muchos congrats again!!
  10. depressed and tired...

    aww don't be sad try to find as much proof as you can. You only need to prove you were here for five years (June 15, 2007 - present) that's what a lawyer told me and that's just what i sent. So don't give up I'm sure you'll find enough proof. Wish you the best!! Good luck and if you need help we are here to help you!
  11. Howdy! My name is Christian.

    Hi Christian, welcome! thank you for sharing your story and I really wish you the best
  12. What do you plan to do after you get your EAD?

    I have A LOT of plans :b ... but first get my SSN then my CA ID and DL. Get a job. Go to a better college, try to get my AA before transferring to a 4 year institution, then I'm gonna try to get a job in something that relates to my major and a lot more stuff, but i'll see how it goes . Can't wait to get approved and get my EAD!!
  13. Hi everyone

    Hi Cinthya. Congrats!! and welcome
  14. Biometrics results

    let me know when you get approved
  15. I Dont Feel Like.....

    I agree with you guys, this topic is causing a lot of arguing :/ .... and to be honest it only makes me not want to get on this forum anymore :/
  16. disappointed :( smh

    1. erika020


      @ Aled .. you're right, it's probably not worth it, but gosh!! it is really disappointing how some people don't respect other's opinion. It just saddens me :(

    2. erika020


      @sanchez05 porque unos no respetan la opinion de otros

    3. sanchez05


      Ohh!!! okay! :) pues animo! aunk yeah its sad! cada kien con su opinion! y ya! :) SALudos!

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  17. Financial Aid

    AB 540 allows us to pay in-state tuition, while AB 131 will allow us to apply for state financial aid such as Cal grants, UC grant, CSU grant, EOP,EOPS and BOG fee waiver
  18. Financial Aid

    the difference from what? AB 131 ?
  19. but starting on January 1, 2013 we(those living in CA) will qualify for cal grants and also for the UC grant and CSU grant
  20. CA Dream Act - AB 131

    if you are in college or planning to enroll in college I believe you can still apply, but just to make sure you should go to a financial aid office and ask and don't forget to ask what type of cal grants you qualify for because there are different types of cal grants.
  21. Financial Aid

    if you live in California you qualify for cal grants, UC grants, CSU grats, EOP, EOPS, BOG fee waiver here is more info because there's an application you need to fill out
  22. Financial Aid

    oh, well that's good, less money you have to pay
  23. Financial Aid

    In what state do you live?
  24. Financial Aid

    no we can't apply for FAFSA, but some states offer some kind of aid for undocumented students, you should talk to one of your school counselors and tell him/her about you're situation and they should be able to tell you if there is some kind of financial aid you might qualify for
  25. CA Dream Act - AB 131

    you're welcome and try to go to the financial aid office at your school and tell them your situation and they should be able to give you more information about it and the types of grants/aid you qualify for