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  1. I just applied for the BOG fee waiver because I'm in a community college right now ... but from what I have read you can get up to $12,000 ... not sure ... it depends the school you go to (community college, UC,CSU)
  2. I'm Rey, And Yes I'm The New Guy Here.

    Welcome and best of luck with your process
  3. Hello

    welcome! !
  4. Approved

  5. Finally, Its Done !

    Congrats!!! I'm really happy for you!! and yes like the others said it won't take that long it usually takes 2-4 days
  6. Scholarships/financial Aid

    try there's a lot of scholarships there that don't require you to be a u.s citizen (I applied to several scholarships from that website) you can also go to hope that helps! Good luck!!
  7. I Finally Got Approved!!!!

    Congrats again! ... wish you the best of luck on achieving all of your goals!!
  8. Hey Guys I'm New Here.

    Sadly that's what many of us encounter as undocumented youth ... but I hope things get better I really do! Welcome to the forum and you're not alone on this ... best of luck!!
  9. How Did You Find

    same as the others Google
  10. ugh!! couldn't keep on reading!!! .... "not fair"? well it's not like it was our fault ( I'm not saying my parents did wrong by bringing me here) but they are making it seem like it's our fault that the economy in CA is getting worse because of us!! we also work hard and many of us take the jobs that they DON'T want! what would it be of this country if we weren't here to work those jobs that they don't in California (at least in the region i live) i see a lot of young people(DREAMers) working out in the fields working under really hot temperatures and for long hours just to get enough money to support their families and pay for school and I see a sign that says "the citrus capital of the world" and all I think is "the citrus capital of the world"? and thanks to who?? ... and to be honest I don't see any "white" people working at these type of jobs!! I know it's a bit out of topic (the article's topic) but it just gets me mad and saddens to see all those prideful people who want compassion from others but aren't willing to be compassionate towards others! and just complaining about us being the ones harming the economy :/ ... sorry I had to let it out
  11. How Long Did You Wait In California??!!!!!

    my sisters sent their app on November 1st and did their bios on Dec 5th and one got approved on Jan. 16 I believe and my other sister got approved a week after that (don't remember the exact day) ... and me .... well nothing yet look at my time line .... wish you the best of luck!!!
  12. I Got Approved This Morning!!! :)

    yay! I'm really happy for you! Congrats!!
  13. Second Bio Appointment

    what!? really! :/ .... I'll be praying for you , God knows why He does/allow things .... like some people said, I'm sure after you do yours bios again you will receive your approval faster .
  14. Hi I'm Sara :)

    Hello! and Welcome!!
  15. Hello Everyone

    Hello! and welcome!
  16. Hello! From La

    it does suck ... but I guess what matters is that we will usually get it sooner or later and WELCOME!
  17. Hello From Houston, Tx!

    welcome! you will get it, you'll see
  18. I'm Gio The New Guy

    Welcome and hope you get your approval soon
  19. Hi I'm Armando

    what a great and wonderful story thanks for sharing it with us . I know what you mean, when I was in high school I wish I had the same opportunities as the rest of my peers . It is a little tougher for us as undocumented youth but that shows our determination and our seriousness towards getting a higher education welcome to the forum and wish you the best I'm also majoring in computer science
  20. soooo bored :/ ... ..

    1. erika22


      Do you know if they offer classes in Spanish? Maybe I can get my mom to do some learning while she's at home instead of watching novelas all the time

    2. splif0clock


      erika22, I am not sure if there are any courses in spanish but some have subtitles in spanish. But, the course work would still be in English :\ .

    3. erika22


      Awesome thank you for the info though now I'm thinking of what class to start first!

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  21. Anyone Else Having This Kind Of Problem?

    no I don't know :/ .... but you can probably search it on Google
  22. Hello, From California! \(^_^)/

    i think you have to file the AB 540 form first (don't know if you did already) . You should talk to someone from the financial aid office at your college because apparently the forms are different for every college (that's what the lady from the financial aid office at my college told me) but you should qualify for it.
  23. Hello, From California! \(^_^)/

    Cal grants are a type of financial aid. Financial aid is any kind of support/aid/money that you get to be able to pay for school. I think you meant federal aid. Federal aid is money that you get from the goverment such as FAFSA. Cal grants are a type of aid from the state of California, not from the federal goverment
  24. Hello, From California! \(^_^)/

    No, you do not have to pay them back