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Found 3 results

  1. Anyone still trying to renew despite the court challenges?
  2. Job Hunting

    Guys in June 2012 I had graduated with a BBA in finance. I didn't intern because I was told I couldn't intern without a social. Otherwise I would have interned as much as I could. Now when I apply for jobs, everyone tells me the same thing. I don't have experience. I can't even intern now because I have already graduated! I have been managing a store for 7 years while I was in the pursuit of my degree, but that didn't even help on my resume. I have my resume on monster. I only get calls for commission based jobs with no future. I am in such a dilemma! All this wait for a Ead and I'm stuck in this economy? Should I just get a blue collar job? I already spent $40,000 on my BBA. If it didn't pay back, what's the point right? Please help! I am from the NY area.
  3. Scholarships/financial Aid

    I'm currently a freshman in college and I want to further my education, but unfortunately college is expensive. So I'm asking if anyone knows where to get financial help like can we apply for FAFSA? And I wanted to join the military to pay for college, but I was told you had to be a U.S. citizen to be eligible for financial aid? Is that true? I also heard of MALDEF but most of their scholarships are for people in California and with states with a mass of Hispanic population. Any Help?