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  1. CA Dream Act - AB 131

    I'm not sure, I know some states passed their own version of the Dream Act, but not sure about Texas :/
  2. you're welcome ... yes, that's the only thing we can do :/ wait patiently. Good luck!
  3. yes, it's normal... i've heard of others that are also still waiting for their I-797 form (Biometrics appointment letter) ... and yes some get it faster than others, not sure why :/
  4. Hello, I'm Erika

    Thank you so much for the encouragement ! and i'm definitely gonna keep on fighting for my dreams
  5. waiting, waiting, waiting (sigh) :/

    1. Aled


      Waiting but patiently right? I think it was you that said you were patient...

    2. erika020


      Aled : yeah trying my best to be patient :) ... I did? probably not me... or did I ? lol not that i remember

    3. Aled


      Okay... so maybe it wasn't you but still! Be patient, the wait apparently just started. JUst saying....

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  6. Processing time after Election.

    Yeah that's what some others have been telling me.... but i'm just gonna wait till my appointment
  7. Those are great news..... but let's just hope it does happen soon. :/
  8. If you could change one thing...?

    umm ... maybe add more links to other sources such as articles, websites of organizations that support dreamers, etc. You know, that way we have more to look at; more info.
  9. If you could change one thing...?

    change/remove(probably nothing)/add.... not sure, like Nilvia said I also like the set up of the page, can't really think of anything :/
  10. Yes! I've noticed that too .... and it is sad and disappointing and I agree with you, we should all keep on helping each other, I don't see why not. La union hace la fuerza! lol I think it's a slogan, but anyways :b it's true!
  11. I-821D Question 9

    you put United States
  12. Biometrics Appointment

    I'm from Cali as well and also sent my app to AZ ... no i'm just gonna wait because some people who went to take their Biometrics before their appointment are still waiting and i know people who actually went on the day of their appointment and got their EAD a week later! and I'm scared that if i do a walk-in my case might take longer =S i don't want to risk it.... are you?
  13. Processing time after Election.

    I sent my application on October as well, but I'm really hoping it won't take that long! =S it has been like 13 days since i sent my app and it already seems like months!!
  14. Biometrics Appointment

    mz.lili oh really ... to what lockbox did you send your app?
  15. Hello

    Hi arcane, congrats on getting approved!
  16. Biometrics Appointment

    I sent my application on October 25, they received it on October 29, got my first e-mail and text on November 1 and got form I-797 ( letter for Biometrics appointment) on November 3 and my Biometrics appointment is gonna be on November 29 so i got my biometrics appointment 9 days after i sent my app
  17. Jason: you need help on how to fill out forms G-1145,I-821D, I-765, and I-765WS? or what to mail along with your app?
  18. Hi, my name is Nilvia

    That's the attitude! porque si se puede! . Wish you the best and thank you for sharing your story
  19. Hello, I'm Lili

    mz.lili ... don't feel intimidated and if you are taking GED classes that shows determination, shows that you want to accomplish what you didn't finish and i'm sure you will my best wishes to you God bless
  20. You do not need an SSN to get a credit card, some yes, they do require you to have one, but not all of them. My dad has two credit cards and no SSN was required
  21. I'm from California as well. did they ask you anything about DACA?
  22. big question

    if you meet the requirements you should be good . and no i don't think it's true. If you get denied that's just for DACA.
  23. yay! i received my Biometrics appointment today! :D

  24. My intro

    aw thanks for sharing your story ... seems like you've gone through a lot, but keep on striving for the best and most important, don't give up
  25. Hello, I'm Erika

    @NorbyAHuezo : thanks good luck to you too