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  1. Social Securty Diffrent??

    My SS# starts with at big fat 0 (ZERO).. no joke... i was surprised when i received it.
  2. Credit Card Application

    I also applyed for a CC from different places but all got rejected. I went to Bank of america where i have a saving and checkings account and applyed with them. I was approved for a secure credit card. I had to pay $100 (which they will return in a year) to get $500 credit. and a yearly fee of $39.... to start building credit i suggest you do that... Hope this helps
  3. how long did u waited to get your id on the mail?
  4. I bought a car using a fake SSN.... now that i have a new VALID SSN i tryed updating my account at the financial institude where i'm paying the car so that my credit can be reported to my new ssn. but when i called them they ask me for a NUMI letter from SSA...does anyone who what is this exactly?
  5. the DMV located in Compton ( by avalon and 91 fwy)
  6. Mi paper license said INTERIM... but my license is only for 4 years now... cause it expires on my Bday of 2017 and my bday is in January... so... the first year already passed for counted 2012
  7. I just got my DL here in CA... Valid for 5 years...
  8. Received my DL card on the mail today....Valid for 5 Years....

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      I hope mine is good for 5 years as well. Congrats though :)

    4. Angie1988
  9. I got my DL on the mail today.... took exactly 2 weeks 1 day....Valid for 5 years...
  10. How Long does it take for ur ID/DL card to arrive in the mail??? Today is 3 weeks that i did the process for my ID. and 2 weeks since i passed my driving test....all this in CA... didn't even open the drivers handbook... only study using youtube videos.... worked like a charm...
  11. Credit Score?!

    Question... I have credit but with a fake SSN... how can i change it to my new SSN? has anyone have any experince on that subject? Can i Just call the 3 Credit bureaus?

    Thanks everyone for the replys... i do bank with bank of america... been with them for years but with my Itin #.... imma go change the itin # to my new SSN and ask them if i can apply for a credit card.... hope it works
  13. Hello Everyone.... has anyone been approved to any mayor credit card?? if so, wich one? I need to get a credit card but i don;t have any credit and not sure which will give me one....
  14. A quick question about DL process.... If i don't have a car to do the driving test....and/or if i don't have someone who can lend me a car....Does the DMV provide/rent a car just to do the driving test in California or what are my options?
  15. SSN and income tax

    i do my taxes at H&R block every year and they have told me that when i get a real SSN they can help me... and that we can get up to 2 or 3 years back of refunds we didn't get for not having a valid ssn...