DUI to DACA to Greencard

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Hey guys, 


Qualifying for DACA with a DUI is possible! I went through an attorney because I was also afraid of being referred to ICE. Thankfully everything worked out and I just received permanent residency. I documented my experience via a blog because there was too much helpful information I wanted to share that could help you:



Good luck too everyone!


November 2015 – DACA Filed

December 2015 – Biometrics Appointment

May 27, 2015 – DACA Approval

June 23 2016 – Advanced Parole Filed

August 30 2016 – Advanced Parole Approved

November 8 2016 – Adjustment of Status Submitted

November 28 2016 – Biometrics Submitted

March 11 2017 – Approved for Interview

April 11 2017 – Interview

June 12 2017 – Green Card Approval

June 16 1017 – Green Card Received

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