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Hi everyone I have a question Im filling out my  renewal application but on form I-821D number 15 asks " status on June 15, 2012 ( no lawful status, status expired, expired parole expired) so I came into the United states with a passport but ended up staying my question is should I fill out this section and as " status expired".


Also on the education information theres a section education status " I put currently in school and will provide them with a copy of my transcript from the nursing program I am in. 


Last question on the Form I-765 worksheet----- Part 2 Financial Information it states my current annual income is:_______ my current annual expenses are $_____________ the total current value of my assests is___________


and the explanation.



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Hey guys so I have a few questions on the application I-765 worksheet  Part 2 Financial Information My current annual __income is $________________ My current annual expenses are $ _________________ the total current value of my assets is ____________ Part 3 Explanation


So for this section do you put what your gross income is up to this date??? or what your income is with taxes taken out??? I put under my current annual expenses-------- My school tuition, books, and states that I helped my parents out with 300 dollars a month for bills. 


On the explanation portion I just explained that with the renewal of my visa I will be able to keep supporting my self financially and will be able to pay for my tuition and help my parents. I did include how much my tuition is and that I work full time. Can someone help me out with how they filled the application. 


Hope to here from someone soon. 


Thank you

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Income is monthly x 12 months = annual income (gross income)

annual expenses are your bills, rent, car payment, childcare, transportation etc.,

assets are payed off car values, properties, bank account, etc.,

if you are doing payments on your car; car value minus what you owe = actual part ownership

I-765 worksheet (Change to fit your situation)

Part 3.  

I am currently working full-time to pay for my living expenses and trying to make ends meet with what I've got. I provide entirely for myself: rent, transportation, food, and bills, etc. However, I am at high risk of losing my job IF I don't RENEW my EAD.  I am applying for a the renewal of my work permit under Deferred Action to be able to keep my job and hopefully obtain a degree in the near future. I really hope to be considered to be able to make a better future for myself and advance professionally.

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this question is actually on page 4, part 3 and this is not for renewals only for initial applicants so leave blank.


for crrently in school; did you graduate from high school or have a GED? you need to write the name, place  and date graduated. if so, then you dont have to put down your nursing school unless you do not have any of those certificates.



line 11. yes

12. Which USCIS office?  Date is valid from ?

You’ll want to write the USCIS office that made a decision on your I-765 application. If you already have an Employment Authorization Card, this is easy. Look for the card# on the front of your card. In the example below, the card number is SRC0000000773. The first three letters are an abbreviation of the USCIS office that handled your application. Here is a list of the abbreviations for USCIS service centers:

  • CSC - California Service Center
  • EAC - Eastern Adjudication Center
  • IOE - USCIS ELIS (e-file)
  • LIN - Lincoln Service Center
  • MSC - Missouri Service Center
  • NBC - National Benefits Center
  • NSC - Nebraska Service Center
  • SRC - Southern Regional Center
  • TSC - Texas Service Center
  • VSC - Vermont Service Center
  • WAC - Western Adjudication Center

13. Granted

15. Granted DACA

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