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If u lied will USCIS FIND OUT?

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I have a friend she lied on her case and im worried for her..... okay she is working but in another name so she has a state id but with the name shes working with and she lied saying shes not. If they do a background check on her u think her picture would show with that other name??? i told her its best to come clean say the true on everything but she didnt listen and now im scared she might NOT get Accepted!?

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Share on other sites the Biometrics appointment they take her fingerprints and pictures. I don't know how far they will check the background check or if they will do facial recognition and with what departments.

How did she get a state issued ID in the first place? Surely she had to have showed proof of legal residence and a SSN.

It is not okay to lie to the USCIS. You can be denied for fraud, maybe even deported.

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