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Well, we are at it again...


The New York Times reported that the debate to overhaul the broken immigration system is being overshadowed by the debate of potential military intervention in Syria, in addition to debates about the Gov's Budget and its borrowing limits (debt ceiling).


Since the Syrian intervention and debt ceiling/budget talks have gained popularity and are also being actively discussed in media outlets, the push for immigration reform has lost some of its lime light, but not its momentum.


Even though House Republicans say that Immigration Reform has been pushed to the bottom of the list of priorities, reform advocates still plan to mobilize en masse during the fall to pressure the House to pass a comprehensive bill. During the month of October alone, it is expected that there will be rallies in about 40 cities, with a march/rally on DC on October 8th.


Please click here to read the original article...

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Hopefully it doesn't turn out like back in 01' where the 911 attacks took the attention away from everything. That being said, let's cross our fingers and pray that we don't send troops to Syria or else I'm afraid the same thing might occur. Also, this should be motivation for everyone that's able to go to a march/rally to actually go and support the movement. Let's not stop participating just because we got approved for our DACA!

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