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Undocucaravan Support!!

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Hi guys/girls. 


The purpose of the Undocucaravan is to push Governor of CA Jerry Brown to sing the TRUST ACT which aim is to limit the states participation in Secure Communities, a federal program in CA that requires state and local law enforcement to share the fingerprints of people booked in local jails with immigration officials 


In Its current version the bill will restrict who, state and agencies , can hold for deportation at the request of immigration officials, limiting only to those with serious criminal convictions on record (

About the Caravan

On Monday, June 24th, we will set off across the state with no papers and no fear. After three years of waiting, it’s time to protect immigrant and all families by passing the TRUST Act. If Governor Brown still doesn’t see that, we, as undocumented Californians, will help it become clear to him next week.

Between then and now, we will caravan across the state to do two things: expose the deportation machine that runs unchecked in our state and lift up the stories and struggles of those of us whose lives are overshadowed by it in the absence of TRUST.

We will confront our adversaries and comfort those who bear the brunt of these policies. We will collect it all and bring it to the Governor who we ask to meet with us so that he can understand the stakes, the lives, and the trust that require his action.

Here is the link for the live stream!!

Please share and support! help us spread the word we need to let our voice be heard!

thanks in advance!


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