13-Year Max For Citizenship

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in order to apply for a GC or Citizenship you need to file a petition and also have an immediate relative (meaning that you are under the age of 21) who is a USC.

the I-130 and I-485 is needed in order to apply.

however, since you applied for DACA then i take it that you do not have a immediate relative (mother, father, siblings) that are USCs. and therefore you can not, as of now, apply for a GC or Citizenship. unless you are married to a USC.

in terms of how to go about applying for a GC or Citizenship through CIR, that has not been established yet.

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No guys. The 8 year wait for permanent residence under the Obama draft immigration plan doesn't apply to the "Dream Act Kids" but it applies to everyone else. The Dreamers will have to wait only 2 years to get a Green Card and then another 5 years for citizenship, so its only 7 years in total from where we are right now to citizenship.

Keep in mind that this is a very good reasonable proposal. The 8 year wait for permanent residence for everyone here illegally who isn't a "Dreamer" will be based on those who are already in line for a Green Card, meaning those who are doing it the legal way and by the way have been waiting for years to get approved, so its just fair to expedite those who are already in line before they can deal with those who are here illegally. The 11 million who are here illegally will be given a "Prospect Visa" immediately so that they can work and drive...etc. Its not like they will be left behind for 8 years, they will gain an immediate legal status.

Under the Obama draft plan the "Dream Act Kids" (us) will actually get a really good deal. :)

Remember this is only a draft and its highly unlikely that it will be the bill that Congress ultimately passes, however, whatever Congress passes this Spring or Summer will probably be similar to the Obama plan. :)

Wow you could not have explained it're like immigration for dummies. 2 thumbs up stranger!

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With the current immigration system, yes that seems about right. People need to understand a CIR (Comprehended Immigration Reform) isnt just about fixing the status of millions of people but actually changing the system entirely.

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