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    Feel free to message regarding any legal/lawful questions regarding immigration or if you need advice. I am very knowledgeable about the likes and will be happy to assists you.

    Thank you!
  1. Best Credit Cards To Apply For After Daca

    You guys could have taken out a credit card from your bank or anywhere just using your ITIN number.
  2. First Job

    Best of luck!!!!
  3. First Job

    Hi! Its in Oregon Cheers!
  4. Exactly 6 Months Of Daca!

    Yeah thats true but then think back all of the years you had to wait and you didn't even get a DL A month will pass quick like that and you might get approved by then Cheers!
  5. Rfe

    Hi! I don't think they will be requesting such thing but best to have it ready! Cheers!!
  6. What do you plan to do after you get your EAD?

    Hi! After obtaining a good job in the field that I love, I plan to acquire a proper vehicle Thanks!!
  7. Exactly 6 Months Of Daca!

    Hi! In a different forum, people have been calling only to get a respond from USCIS telling them to wait another month. Cheers!!
  8. Ssn & State Id, Coming Soon!

    Hi! Though they say its 2 weeks, it could be longer but its great that you went today! The sooner the better!! Happy for you!
  9. 13-Year Max For Citizenship

    With the current immigration system, yes that seems about right. People need to understand a CIR (Comprehended Immigration Reform) isnt just about fixing the status of millions of people but actually changing the system entirely.
  10. Valid Evidence To Submit

    You will find stuff!! Gather everything you can and pile them by the five requirements, it may look at hard but I assure you once you know what you can, its like a puzzle! If you need assistant feel free to ask us!!
  11. First Job

    I got a job at Microchip, I hold a Chemical engineering degree from OSU and I pretty am finding a way to cool small boards with less energy than usual. If you need math help, please free to message me for help!
  12. How Did You Find

    From another forum that focuses on the same thing, came here to explain to drama but had been lurking here for quite some time
  13. Hi!! Here From

    Thank you!!!
  14. From everyone from, i would like to apologize from all this drama a user here has been causing. This is very embarrassing and if you would like full details please pm about it. once more i deeply apologize. thank you

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    2. chris23


      This is really sus man.

    3. ASRAlbert
    4. cindyindy


      one year later and I'm stilled being bullied and harassed online by these anti-immigrant trolls/secret agents. They finally managed to shut down

      this site is next if you guys dont take responsibility to address the issue of these agents

  15. What she said is true. So don't be alarmed if schools require you to fill one in