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  1. It has been extremely frustrating. I am more scare then ever. What will happen next? Will they pass something to protect us? Even if they do will people in our situation qualify ? Stressing!!
  2. Stay positive. I know it's hard. So much going on. And it seems everything is about to change. I hope all of us can qualify for whatever comes next.
  3. I can't believe they are taking so long. This completely sucks. Especially for those who already expired. There's has to be someone out there who has gotten a yay or nay under our situation. Prayers!
  4. It sucks that they are taking too long for these application. When i renewed (2016) it took 5 months for my approval. But i see that now (2017) they are taking way too long. Hope someone hears something soon. Prayers!
  5. Hi, just wanted to know if anyone has qualified for DACA first time or renewed with an expunged DUI on their record with the new trump administration? Thanks!