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  1. Ok Indeed great news.. am really happy for you!! And yes it was here in CA. Mine expire on March next year and my attorney suggested to renew on January... Update: October 31 received receipt for renewal and fingerprints where scheduled, waiting on the mail letters fingerprints schedule for Nov 20, 2019 12/23/2019 card being produced 12/27/2019 application for deferred action approved 12/31/2019 received card via usps
  2. I spoke to my attorney.. she mentioned that she got together with other attorneys and they noticed that their cases were denied please Keep us updated.. I wish the best of luck to you.
  3. Alby, have you renewed your DACA a second time after the DUI? I have heard a couple of cases have been denied after it had been approved previously after a dismissed DUI. I was wondering if you did and how did that go..
  4. Wow, just saw the post, that’s awesome.. hopefully you get your daca back. I was waiting for my work permit and was getting worried because I got all the other paperwork from them but that and today I got a call from my attorney that they got it there, for some reason they sent it to her.
  5. I had the same process, I went to jury trial on my case and was found guilty. I just waited paid my classes and the fees after a year and a half I applied for early termination of probation and like you I didn’t have any other problems with the law they granted it, right after I applied for expungement and was granted. My immigration attorney told me that I should of pleaded guilty and finish everything sooner so that not too much time passes since daca expiration but I was scared that was gonna affect me so I went all out fighting it. The good thing about expungement is that they actually change the guilty pleas into NOT GUILTY which is the must for immigration., if I were you I would try to finish you case as soon as possible and expunge as soon as you’re elegible. When they do the fingerprints it’s gonna come out and I wouldn’t want to risk it. There’s too much at stake.
  6. Congratulations Alex.. well worth the wait. Time to breathe... I just got a call from my congress rep asking me if I got the notifications and to congratulate me. I feel awesome right now
  7. I just got a notification that my work permit has been approved and card is being processed, daca permit still pending
  8. How did they terminate you? Did they sent you a letter? I sent the paperwork they requested just got a notification they got it. Time to wait for a response. May attorney was surprised that they were asking for the full package again.
  9. Keep us updated, I haven’t submitted my paperwork yet. Have an appointment with my attorney on Monday and I’ll be taking all the paperwork
  10. Got the letter, it’s requesting for all the initial paperwork to qualify for deferred action. Evidence of presence 5years prior to 2012. Also it does say that they did background check and that I was arrested and they want a certified court disposition, stating what the charges were what the centence was and what is the end of it. Time to get to work, they gave me till May to get it done. Good luck, I’ll keep you posted
  11. Alby tells me he sent all the paperwork at the beginning not sure why they asked him for it again but definitely wii keep you posted
  12. Am still waiting to see what they will be asking for. I haven’t received the letter. Alby was asked to proof that he was not guilty of dui. He sent the court papers where after his case was expunged they cahnged his guilty plea into not guilty so that helped him a lot. On my case it didn’t change that they just changed at the end that the charge was set aside/stricken for reason of being dismissed. Still not sure what they will be asking for we need to wait
  13. Alby I just got an RFE today and I know you mentioned that you got a similar response, wanted to know what was it that they requested if you can tell me please.
  14. Find out who your congress rep is and give them a call, I called mine again a week ago to help me out and they sent me the response they got and they actually respond faster to them and they can see that you have your congress rep backing you up this is what they got: From: *California Sent: Wednesday, January 24, 2018 3:05 PM To: Trujillo, Rafael Subject: RE: TORRES, NORMA CRM:0749034 Rafael: Thank you for your inquiry, relating to the I-821D request, receipt number IOE———, filed with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) by Vic......... U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) records confirm that this case is pending background check clearance. USCIS is committed to adjudicating immigration benefits in a timely manner while also ensuring public safety and national security. A small percentage of applications and petitions have unresolved background check issues that temporarily delay adjudication. Although USCIS makes every effort to resolve such cases promptly, USCIS is unable to speculate when the background check will be completed. If a background check reveals an issue that may impact an applicant’s eligibility for the requested immigration benefit, further inquiry is needed. The inquiry may include an additional interview and/or contact with another agency for updates or more comprehensive information. Upon gathering and assessing all available information, USCIS will adjudicate the application as quickly as possible. We hope the information provided is helpful. If we may be of assistance in the future, please let us know. Respectfully, Congressional Liaison Congressional Unit USCIS - California Service Center
  15. I’ve been waiting since January 9th 2017 still nothing