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  1. im having a hard time uploading a picture

  2. I just got approved and I'm attending school, so my dream is to continue with my education. I would like to major in child psychology. Hopefully buy a home, travel.
  3. I applied for ca financial aid...and I heard that only students that just graduated from highschool will receive the cal grant...wich is a bumer cause I had to buy all my books. But its okay cause I did qualify for a fee waiver and at least my classes were payed.
  4. Maybe while you find a job, try going back school. Dont give up! God is great! I know I stress myself out sometimes, but at the end of the day I think to myself...it can be worse...othe people are not as fortunate as we are for this great opportunity. You might not have a job yet, but you have a beautiful baby. I've been in your situation. I have 3 wounderful kids and been married for 11 years. Many times I wanted to call it quits...but we worked together and work things out...we pushed through thick and thin. ..and it made us stronger. .I don't know your relationships issues. But my advice is work together, don't point fingers at eachother because chances are he might be feeling the same. Men just don't express their feeling as much as we do. Dont give up on your dreams, things like this only make us stronger!
  5. Yayyy I got approved! !! Does anybody have an idea in how long it takes to get the working permit in the mail...I'm so exited
  6. Congratulations Nancy I love this forum.
  7. Case Status

    I have the same problem...and I wsd thinking that maybe. Its not in theit system yet.
  8. Yes Theresa it was aproved before 2001...I'm gona have to look into that...thanks
  9. Thanks Jose I downloaded the app...its really helpful.