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  1. So I first started the process of DACA for my husband when I was 8 months pregnant, it has been almost 2 years and I cannot remember for the life of me how to send the forms and how to pay for the filing fee. So for the filing fee.. do i use check, cashier's check or money order? who do i make it out to? also the lockbox that pertains to where we reside (california) is
  2. Social Security

    i live in california as well.. central valley to be exact and my husband got his social security within a week. what did they tell you at the social security building as you were there.
  3. hubbys employment authorization card came today.! YAY!! which is only valid for 2 years (which i didn't know) was there another letter that's supposed to come in the mail also? how does he apply for a social security and drivers license? i thought this was for 5 years. I'm just so confused. and somewhere in the 'instructions' that comes with the card says "if the card expires before USCIS makes a final decision on your form I-485, application for adjustment of status , you may apply for a new card." Was I suppose to submit this form. do they do this form? what does this mean? Besides his card coming in was there another thing that's suppose to come in the mail? is this why I'm confused? ahhh sorry for all the questions lol
  4. Approved? Confused. Need Help.

    thanks! I'm so excited. now I'm waiting for his letters to arrive and go from there
  5. Did I Get Approved?

    congrats! you got approved. took them awhile though lol but whatever as long as you got it! god's good
  6. Hello all. My husband got recently approved for DACA (like really recently lol 2 days ago and card is on its way lol) anyhow. Im a US Citizen, born here in California, my main question is this… Since my husband will be our basically sole provider or much better yet said he will now become the head of household due to him having a job as soon as his EAD comes in, can I petition for my husband so he can become a permanent resident and how do I go about doing this. Due I just go to USCIS to 'pick' up his 'papers' I was told it would be a lot easier now that he has approval of DACA and does anyone know how much it would cost. THANKS!
  7. Approx Daca Timelines?

    Date App Sent: September 13th LockBox: Nebraska Service Center Mail Method: Express Delivery Date Received: September 18th Date of Biometrics: October 2nd Date of EAD Approval: November 29th ​Date of EAD Received: PENDING!!! And I filled out my husbands app by myself with the help of this forum. and it maybe that we were lucky that we didn't have to pay for lawyers or anyone else just the regular fee for the bio and stuff but I for sure think that God was by our side. Good Luck on your process through DACA. I hope everything goes as smoothly and as fast as my husbands did.
  8. Approved? Confused. Need Help.

    yes just received updated case status and its at post decision activity.
  9. Help! Anyone Here Submitted Their Own Applications?

    I submitted my husbands applications on my own. I read and re read everything i put down. went to several forums asked SUPER questions to everyone that might have knowledge and my husband got approved within a 3 month span. maybe its luck, maybe its destiny but we got it and I'm so happy because he can fully provide for me and his two children. good luck to you and don't stress it too much. just pray (thats what i did lol) and everything will get into place.
  10. Ok so my husband got a text stating that his case status was updated. we checked online and this came up.. On November 29, 2013, we ordered production of your new card. Please allow 30 days for your card to be mailed to you. If we need something from you we will contact you. If you move before you receive the card, call customer service at 1-800-375-5283. This was the current status update for the Form 1765. We then check his status on Form 1821D, Consideration for DACA and it is STILL in initial review. We have been constantly checking his case status and this is all the comes up.. On November 29, 2013, your name was updated relating to your I821D, Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. Please check our website at www.uscis.gov for further updates on your case. Please wait until the end of normal processing time before calling customer service at 1-800-375-5283 for live assistance. So what does this mean? is he approved is he not. i know some people said that it takes a day for it to BOTH to go to post decision activity but it hasn't. Can he get approved for one and not for the other? please give me some insight.
  11. I just want to thank you dreamers oh so very much. from the bottom of my heart Today, November 29th, Friday my hubby texted me to tell me good news. News that Ive been anticipating since September 18th. News that my husband got approved for DACA and his card is in production. I was black friday shopping and in the middle of doing so i just CRIED CRIED CRIED CRIED tears of joy. my mom and aunts asked me what was wrong and thought something bad had happened. I hung up and told them the good news and they too, started to cry tears of joy. I want to say thank you. thank you for helping me out in all my questions and admins for responding to them as well. i love you all and i hope your guy's process goes as smooth and as fast as my husband. for everything that was going bad in my life thus far this makes up for it so he can fully provide for my children and I.
  12. I was wondering if Hubby can do a walk-in appointment to take his biometrics or does he have to wait for his appointment? we literally just received text/email that they have his packet and is in initial review about 3 days ago.. I was just wondering if he's able to walk in and get it over with or does he have to wait? THANKS!
  13. Sent In Dream Act, Need Help.

    Thanks guys! yes bio is next. i hope and pray hubby's process goes by easy and quick it's almost as exciting as our daughter's expected arrival for next week! ill keep his situation updated!
  14. Sent In Dream Act, Need Help.

    Finally, exactly one week later a receipt number was sent via text to hubby! im excited!!
  15. Sent In Dream Act, Need Help.

    yea today is actually one week since it was sent. on the tracking of the package it said it arrived and hubby states that he hasn't recieved a text nor email and I have checked his texts and nothing, have not checked email though. i will try later today. man i hope we receive something soon, even if it is by mail. how long will it take for the receipt letters to be here? should i start getting worried?