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  1. Road Trip

    My hubby and i are planing on taking our kids on a road trip from Ca to Tx, but i haven't beem approved yet..... Do you think it's too risky to go just with my application receipt letters?
  2. Help Please!

    Oh thank you all for sharing.... See i told you this page has helped me so much because i can see that i'm not the onlyone going through this. Thank you sooo very much.
  3. Help Please!

    Thank you Rawf! I really hope i have an answer soon....I'm unable to eat, sleep and focus on anything. This waiting is killing me. Thanks to this page, this forum i can see that I'm not the only one that's going through this suffering... I'm praying for all of us.
  4. Help Please!

    It's right on top of the blue box of my case status... Btw I'm still on the initial review circle... Thank you Gezinha, I'll call them tomorrow Friday to see what they say.... I won't be able to sleep tonight :-(
  5. Help Please!

    Ok i just checked my status online and it says to expect a 30-45day delay between the time of petition filed and when my information is available on my case status.... What does this mean?? It's been over a month that i went to do my biometrics..... Help me please... Has anyone else seen this message while checking his/hers status before...?..
  6. I paid a lawyer 2500. I did my bios on Dec 27th and I'm still waiting.... The reason why i got a lawyer is that i came to the US before i turned 16 but i didn't want to go to school because i was terrified of not knowing anyone and of not speaking any english.... I started working with someone elses papers so there's not really a record of me being present in this country until i was 17....except for some pictires :-( Still my hopes are up. Now when i see all the time i lost because of my fears, i just wanna cry. The good thing about all i went through at that time is that once i started school i went all the way through college and then university...but then i got pregnant and couldn't finish my career. Now I'm planning to go back to school as soon as i get approved!.....I'm very happy for all of the dreamers that were accepted already and my prayers are with all of the rest that just like me are checking their status every day.
  7. Hello... I sent my app on Nov 27th Did my biometrics on Dec 27 and I'm still waiting.... I really hope February is our month! Best wishes for everyone!
  8. Welcome to the forums tetesina :)