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  1. yea found someone that can take me to my biometrics appt.. less worried! looking foward for the 3hr drive;-)

    1. Aled


      what, do you live on a desert or something!?

    2. mayra


      lol..... Rawf and Aled i live in a small town in minnisota and the closes office for me to go is in the twin cities pretty much is the only one here so alot of ppl drive there!

    3. aralopez90


      did you do the paperwork or did you pay a lawer?

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  2. hurry sept. 27 i just want to get this over with!

    1. Rawf


      That's the day I was born ;) It's always a very lucky day for me and it will be for you as well, I'm sure :)

    2. Rh_ny
    3. mayra


      really... well hope u right and everything turns out great;)

  3. Story Time!

    get its groove on
  4. i finally got my app.. to get my biometrics taken

    1. mayra


      thanks Rawf! how u doin?

    2. mainan


      congratulation mayra. may i ask you did they sent it through mail or text message?

    3. mayra


      i recieved a letter... in two weeks i have the app and thankz and good luck

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  5. happy!

    1. Admin
    2. Aled


      got a new boyfriend?

    3. mayra


      cuz i been getting good news faster than i tought....

  6. Different Types of I-797

    Good post pswa83:) I got (I-797C) its says next step is for me to wait for USCIS to schedule me for my (ASC) APP. Application support center where I should get my biometrics taken! wish me luck and good luck to you as well:)
  7. uscis received my application....And now to wait for (form I-797)

  8. Im confuse on this form?!?? I'm not working at the moment? Because I'm prego but Ill still have my job once my bby is born...but the problem I'm not working under my name?? What should I do??
  9. Oh gosh I already did.....cuz Im also goin to send my apt lease and I think there gonna want to knw how I afford it so I put I working illegal did I do wrong??? Any plz help
  10. help filling out I-765?

    I have a question? What bout the worksheet I-765 I'm not working at the moment cuz I'm pregnant! But wen I hav my bby ill still have my job, but the problem I'm not working on my name so wat should I do????
  11. What to Fill and Where to Send It!

    So we fill out 3 forms....????
  12. How big is your application packet?

    I have some copies already....but ill finish the rest today:) well if they want the originals I wouldnt knw to send them or not?! What would u do?
  13. How big is your application packet?

    Also i hav a 4yr old do they need to know that??? And prego 4mths! Lol
  14. How big is your application packet?

    Mine is not that big cuz they are really not asking for much...All I have is *immunization card * high school transcripts 9-12 *school i.d's *diploma * I.d *passport mexicano * birth certificate/ translated in English I also have my lease form of my first apt u guys think that will help also r wat I hav is good enough????
  15. Get Familiar with EAD Form I-765

    Do we have to fill this form?? Anyone plz
  16. Process of DACA App

    Hi Aled Thank you for the info. Good luck everyone!
  17. Process of DACA App

    If I fill out my app online how do I pay the 465? Or do we pay after? These apps are going to be online right? Or I'm wrong? Also, if I send all the information I have and they think its not enough prove are they going to give me a chance to show them that I entered the u.s when I was only a child and also graduated from high school. Should I not worry too much?
  18. Will the ssn help? My social is good to do taxes but not for employment:(
  19. Employment question.

    Can we start applying to any jobs? Or should I wait?
  20. were can i apply?

    Thank you itzel:-) I'm just nervous that's why I'm asking too much question and I want to be sure on everything Im reading. I just don't want to miss out on anything. This is something we were all waiting. Good luck itzel hopefully everything turns out great for you and for everyone else.
  21. Confused

    Thank you itzel. I appreciate you helping me and others too:-)
  22. Confused

    I'm relieved for now! Thankz pswa83 that's the information I needed to hear:-) so on Aug 15, Do we go to your website to apply?
  23. were can i apply?

    I understand that they are going to accept applications on Aug 15, but what I don't understand where do we get these application so we can apply once they been released? Any one? Help?
  24. Dream Relief Day

    Once they been released can we apply online or there gonna tell us where to go?