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  1. Is my case status gonna change once uscis recieved my RFE??

    1. latinagirl


      oh so you needed more proof? and you all ready send it?

    2. JoseG


      Yes, they will let you know that they have received your response

    3. mayra


      sanchez05 thanks hope it takes them at least one

      latinagirl yea i had to send more proof which sucked.... lol

      kk jose thank you;-)

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  2. Working Days Calculator

    39 days and still wating patiently.... GOOD POST santi! well good luck to those that are waiting we will get approved! it dnt matter if sooner or later but we will just hold your it will COME
  3. waiting sucks

    your getting really close santi but im gonna admit they are taking a lil bit long sense u send ure app on the 15 of aug. but dnt worry nebraska center is probably the slowest right now! im also with them which really sucks lol wish u the best of luck
  4. does deferred action end 2/28/2013

    thats some good news im glad it dnt end and it wont end on 2013... well hope the dream act passes
  5. RFE Discussion?!

    well so far i have 3 mths proof for 2010 plus my income tax returns, also i have proof for june 15, before and after that day.....what u guys think is that good enough? And thank you guys for the HELP....sorry if im asking too much ????????????? lol
  6. RFE Discussion?!

    thank you guys i feel a lot better
  7. ........

    1. Aled


      Everything's going to be alright.

    2. mayra

      mayra just gonna let the days go bye who cares how long it takes as longest i get approved

  8. i feel like pulling out my hair...this RFE is getting stressed! its confusing?!! cans someone help me out by looking at the topic i posted...plz and thank you

  9. RFE Discussion?!

    one more question? okay so im confused on wat the letter say i dnt understand hope there is someone can answer my question....okay so it says that 2007,2009,2011&2012 meet the guideline wich means i send enough evidence for those years and for evidence for 2010 is unsufficient. i just want to make sure that they only want evidence for 2010..wich im right? dnt knw? really? ARE they only asking for 2010? sorry i have too much ???????? if thats correct i dnt knw why on the last page of the letter says: PROOF OF PRESENCE IN THE UNITED STATES ON JUNE 15, 2012 The evidence you submitted with your Form I-821D, DACA, to show that you were present in the U.S on june 15, is insufficient. You may still submit evidence, which may include, but is not limited to, copies of: well thats how its written in the letter i dnt understand cuz in the first page says i dnt need evidence for 2012 but reading this last page got me soo confused
  10. RFE Discussion?!

    jose now that i think about it dnt think i send any proof for 2010 cuz that was the year i got here in i should send the whole package of my 2010 taxes or just the paper where it just say my name,address,and date the rest of the papers just say how much money i was gonna get but dnt knw if to send them.... thanks NilviaRR i dont knw if to send the whole package of 2010 taxes there are on my name but i got a lot of money back wich dnt have no just scared i wont get approved cuz of the much money i got back! and i didnt work on my name but the taxes are on my real name...
  11. okay so i check my case status and they can not make a final decision because they need more evidence on the application I-821D wich to me dont make sense because i was looking on the instructions for DACA and i pretty much sent all the evidence they were asking for! so i just dnt knw wat to think im super nervous.......Well i just want to knw if there is someone else that has the same situation as me..... im scared and PISSED OFF!!! because i knw i showed enough evidence so i guess i only have to wait and see wat the letter will say:/ hope i recieve it A-SAP so i can work hard on what they will ask for!
  12. wow! really....did u sent enough evidence? r maybe moved? have u try calling them uscis office
  13. dang it i did get a RFE! good thing they r only asking for one year of proof....but do i have to show proof of every mth r wat? anyone?

    1. itzel


      I gotta agree with lapancha77 on this one, if you do have something for each month mayra, I would send it in, Ive always believed that being over prepared is better than to lack..also we dont want them being jerks and sending you another RFE wanting more evidence, even after you sent in evidence....hope thats clear and not confusing..

    2. MillieP


      I don't think every month is necessary. I had no proof at all for the year 08 and 09 and all I did was send in a two rent receipts one with a random date of 2008 and one with a random date ending in 2009. But I would send as much proof as you..

    3. mayra


      thank you girls i appreciate helping me out ill see how much i can get....wish me luck

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  14. im not sure wat happen r wat i did....but hopefully they dnt ask for a lot of more evidence cuz i think i did good...but i guess ill just have to wait and see wat the letter will say...hope i get it tomm!
  15. hEL!P! Dreamers!!! A Dreamer is in need!!!

    your such a good if she gets a lot of votes she will get it! well good luck to her and hope she wins that scholarship
  16. everyones case is different some take less and some take longer than a me i sent my app to nebraska center i have'nt got approved i been wating more than a might get lucky and get approved sooner than u think! i been seeing that this whole process is taking longer cuz more of us are applying! but good luck and hope everything turns out great for you JOSE
  17. Hi everyone

    welcome and congratz....
  18. i would get well the i.d,ssn,DL and after all that put my cars under my real or maybe start planning my future like go to college or find a job i like! i just cant wait to get everything started right away
  19. hope everyone gets approved! CANT WAIT TILL I DO....

    1. Admin


      Hold your breath. :P

    2. mayra


      i try is really hard:/

  20. waiting and waiting! :(

  21. Traveling WITHIN the US (Domestic)

    yea thats wat i heard but i want to make sure so my family can come to minnisota to visit me.... I've travel to california with my matricula but wen i tryed to come back to minnisota it wasent easy... iwas scared cuz they were calling ppl and i had to sign some paper! i thought they were calling the ice but they finally let me go that was a relieve.. but next time ill use the passport
  22. Traveling WITHIN the US (Domestic)

    so my country's passport is good enough to travel in the u.s?
  23. processing time?

    congrats helloS....i also did my bios on the 27 of sep i think i would of got approved already but there was a little problem with my case so hope soon i get my approval....i think nebraska center dnt like