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  1. sorry guys I have been really busy at work and havent had a chance to log on but hope to see people are still getting approved! anyone know any good credit cards to apply for?

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    2. itzel


      they report to the 3 credit bureaus and for every purchase they take 5 or 10% of that amount and turn it into cash rewards which you can later cash as a check or redeem for gift cards or what not..hope this helps..

    3. erika22


      Yea it does I actually applied last night for a capital one credit card and was approved so that was cool but Im thinking of using my card for either gas or clothes lol so well see which one I choose. And that's what everyone keeps telling me to only use up money I will be able to pay back so well see Im pretty good at spending and having the money it will just be a bit different ill use my cc for some things then pay it back :)

    4. Luckystar


      Discover Card!!! I got approved the next day right after I apply online! :)