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  1. Still Waiting

    thank you and dont worry ur gona be next too
  2. I Been Approved =>

    congratz i was just approved yesterday dont worry ill update da same thing happen to me
  3. i received 2 text saying to check my status online and i did and for the I765 it says my card is under production and for the I821d says under initial review..................
  4. I Think Im Approved......

    Thanks everyone i don't have enough words to express how i feel i couldn't even sleep of excitement and happiness thank you to everyone who has help me through this hard months and thanks to this forum that made me feel as if i had a second family who cared for me thank you and to all who are waiting your time time will come sooner or later but it will again thank you and i love u guys
  5. I Think Im Approved......

    my wait is done but a new life just begun for me thanks you alot
  6. I Think Im Approved......

    thanks alot about time lol
  7. How Long To Get Ead Card After Approval?

    thank you alot i hope it gets updated soon
  8. I Think Im Approved......

    thank you i still cant believe it i have a lot of mixed emotions but I'm happy
  9. I Think Im Approved......

    thanks i wonder how long it will take for the other one to change
  10. I Think Im Approved......

    lol thanks and yes OMFG im approved lol
  11. Still Waiting

    i think ur getting closer congratz yayyyyy
  12. How Long To Get Ead Card After Approval?

    helloooo i just received a text and email saying my card was under production today yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy but i havent got anything for my i821d it says still under review does it mean im approved???? helpppppppppp
  13. omg i just got approved it says my card is under production yayyyyy im happyyyy thanks to everyone to help my wait be easier thank you

  14. Approved

    Wow congratz so happy to alot of approvals
  15. Still waiting............

  16. Got Approved :)

  17. Any Luck With Congressman/woman?

    I have been waiting too since september and still under initial review this sucks I've done a service request but still nothing i received their response but it just says there working as hard as they can
  18. Deferred Action Case Still In Review!

    I feel u i applied september 27 and did my bios october 30 and still nothing still stuck in initial review
  19. Hi Just Introducing Myself(:

    Welcome to your new second family me too i have been waiting since september 27 when they received my application and october 30 i took my bios and still nothing im with california service center
  20. So feef up with this waiting really im just so upset

    1. edwin89


      the waiting sucks but i know you will get approved soon! stay possitive!

  21. I Got Approved!!

    Congratz yayyy
  22. Hi, I Have A Question!!

    i hope i hope im keeping my fingers and my toes crossed lol