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  1. Hello, From California! \(^_^)/

    hi and welcome . I live in so Cal as well I dont know if you are attending a community college or a 4-year university (UC or CSU) but if you are in community college you can apply to the BOG fee waiver and if you are attending a 4 year institution then you can apply for cal grants through the Dream application (CA Dream Act)
  2. my other sister just got approved ... and mine still nothing :( ... hopefully mine will be soon

    1. pankaj


      Around wat time she got approved

    2. erika020


      @panjaj she sent her application on November 1st took her biometrics on Dec. 5th and got approved yesterday Jan.24 :)

    3. erika020


      I think she got approved around 5-7pm

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  3. Anyone From California?

    hopefully we get our approval soon let me know how your process goes Good luck!
  4. Anyone From California?

    I live in Cali as well and my app was sent to California center. I sent my app on Oct. 25 and did my bios on Nov. 29 and still waiting :/ ... but my sister sent her app on Nov. 1 and did her bios on Dec. 5 and she got approved on Jan. 14. So ours is coming soon . Hopefully
  5. Good/bad Idea To Highlight Dates On Evidence?

    I believe the forms (I-821D, I-765, I-765WS and G-1145) are the ones we are not supposed to highlight, but our evidence such as bank statements, school transcripts, etc we can. Me and my sisters highlighted the dates and our names and other important stuff in all of these documents (our evidence) and we haven't had a problem with our applications and my sister got approved already. So I'm guessing they just don't want you to highlight the forms
  6. my sister got her approval first than me :( ... im happy for her, but it just makes me more anxious :/

    1. erika020


      @Jose I did my bios on Nov 29 (no walk in)

    2. erika020


      @Erika when did you do your Biometrics?

    3. erika020


      @Moe that's what I'm hoping

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  7. No you didn't send it to the wrong location... from Arizona they send your app to one of the 4 centers previously mentioned (Vermont, Nebraska, California and Texas) to be reviewed... on the envelope you got with your Biometrics appointment it should say from what center they sent it to you ( example:California Service Center P.O.Box 30111 Laguna Niguel, CA 92607-0111) I also live in Cali and I also sent it to the Phoenix Lockbox and from there my app was sent to the California Center
  8. california dream act question

    I'm not but my sister wants to go there, she might be going there this fall
  9. california dream act question

    I haven't finished my application, I barely started ... but it is a bit confusing ( at least it is to me) so i'm gonna ask someone from the financial aid office at my school to help me out
  10. california dream act question

    A community college .... there's a Cal grant for that I think is Cal grant C Cal Grant C assists with the costs of a technical or career education provides up to $547 for books, tools and equipment—and up to $2,462 more for tuition and fees if you’ll be attending a school other than a California Community College (community colleges don’t charge tuition and your fees will be waived as a Cal Grant recipient) is available for up to two years
  11. california dream act question

    I'm also gonna apply to the CA Dream Act ... but my sister already started the dream application, and I attended a workshop and the lady from the financial aid office at my college told me to start filling out the application, the process wont start until Jan. 1, but you can already start your application.
  12. Who is still waiting for approval?

    still waiting :/ ...but we'll get it sooner or later the wait is worth it
  13. sorry to hear that :/ .... let's just hope they do pass a comprehensive reform on 2013 hopefully :/
  14. Hello everyone Im new to this

    Hi Erika and welcome don't worry you'll get it sooner or later i know it's really hard to wait, but just hang in there and try to keep yourself busy, time goes by fast when you do best of luck and hope to hear good news soon! by the way your timeline is exactly the same as my sister's
  15. Hi tony i'm Justine from facebook , I'm glad you joined the forum .... and now reading you're story, like pswa said you'll need to apply for Advanced Parole, but I agree with pswa you should check with a lawyer, but wish you the best of Luck and welcome to the forum
  16. Al punto - univision Immigration Reform

    true ... but let's just hope it does! I agree, but let's keep on pushing the congress and president Obama to make this happen!
  17. Young Immigrants Say It’s Obama’s Time to Act

    aw .. my eyes got watery. This was very encouraging, it's amazing to see so many Dreamers fighting and coming out of the shadows to be heard and for everyone to know their story. I really hope to join an organization and help in whatever i can to keep on pushing for a comprehensive reform! ( as soon as I drive ) Thanks for sharing this roadrunner!!
  18. USCIS Enlace questions and answers.

    lol of course, permission granted
  19. USCIS Enlace questions and answers.

    I'm sure it wont take that long and sure you're welcome
  20. I've done good today.

    lol ... haven't checked mine since Tuesday
  21. Financial Aid

    yes, you do not have to pay it back humm,,,, not sure on that one :/ but like i said try to go to the financial aid office at your school and tell them about your situation or just simply tell them that you need help filling out the dream application and they'll tell you what you have to do in your case, that's what i did i went to the financial aid office at my school and they were very helpful
  22. USCIS Enlace questions and answers.

    not every case takes that long .... and i know this whole process sucks :/ , but you'll receive your approval soon you'll see just try not to think about it and try to keep yourself busy it helps and you'll see that you'll receive it when you least expect it
  23. sign petition please! :)

  24. Financial Aid

    well you need to fill out the Dream application you can find it on this page and after that you just have to wait to see to what type of Cal grants you qualify for, there are different types of cal grants some are based on your financial need (income) and others on your GPA which i think they are called competitive Cal grants .... if you can ... you can go to the financial office at your school and they should be able to help you with the application and give you more info about the different types of Cal grants and tell you which ones you qualify for .... depending on what type of Cal grant you qualify for you might receive up to like $12,000 dollars , not sure if every year or every semester :/ .... I think it's every year, but not really sure , but i advise you to just go to the financial office at your school
  25. USCIS Enlace questions and answers.

    you're welcome