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Found 1 result

  1. So this is my story !! I been living in the USA since i was a mocoso like 13 years old , now I'm 23 , so anyway after i finished high school , at the age of 18 i felt like shit , couldn't believe , i was not gonna be able to go to college , or keep studying cuzz of my status in this country , so i had no other option than to look for a job , which it wasn't easy too , didn't know how to tell the boss that i needed to get pay in cash (5 years later , i`m part of the same company that one day i looked for a job and didnt know how to ask them to pay me cash ) I`m in the clothing business , ( ANYBODY KNOWS THAT SHOW CALLS JERSY SHORE ? SO OUR COMPANY IS THE ONE WHO MAKES ALL THOSE T-SHIRTS DESIGNS FOR PAULY-D , THE SITUATION , RONNIE SNOOKI, AND ALL THOSE GUYS , YOU SEE ON TV , WE ALSO HAVE STORES AT THE NJ-SHORE , AND AROUND THE USA ) SO now that the company knows , i got my working permit & they wanna send me to Canada , they wanna expand their locations and i`m their man ! i`m the guy with the skills and knowledge to do that !So , Does anyone know if i can actually go to Canada to work ? what do i need , or what kind of paper work i need to fill up in order to be allow to go to Canada ? The company is ready to do any type of paper work , the only thing that scares me is , what if they wont let me come back to the USA ! so then i`ll fu%3 , trapped in Canada !!! ANYBODY EVER THOUGHT ABOUT MOVING TO CANADA ? ANYBODY IS TRYING TO MOVE TO CANADA ? ( All my Mexicanos aqui les dejo una pic , of my next Shirt coming out next summer )