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  1. Hi Just Introducing Myself(:

    Welcome! you have been waiting for quite a bit =S but the wait will be worth it! best of luck! and yes don't loose faith your approval will come soon
  2. Just Happened.

    Congrats to you and your brother!!! soo happy for you!
  3. October Applicants

    Sent mine late October .... my timeline is on my signature
  4. I Got Approved!!!

  5. About 2 Hours Ago...

    a little late, but congratulations!!!! I'm really happy for you!!
  6. Thanking God Almighty

    Yay! so happy for you!!! Congratulations!!
  7. Hello, Just Introducing Myself

    Hi and Welcome to the forum You're definitely not alone Wish you the best on your process and let us know how it goes
  8. Checked My Status And Im Finally Approved

    yay! another approval from Cali Congratulations!!! really happy for you!!
  9. yay! ^_^ got my license on the mail today!! :D

    1. erika020


      @Amber ... I live in So Cal , you? ... yeah i'm so happy ^_^ ... I know they should do it the same for everyone :/

    2. Amber


      I'm from So Cal too! I live in orange county hmmpf not fair Lol either way I'm happy :D

    3. erika020


      @Amber, aw :/ you should've gone to another DMV office, that might have worked :) I think that's what some people did :) ...... lol thank you!! ^_^

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  10. Approved!! Thank God!

  11. Approved... Yes!

    yay! Congratulations!!
  12. Fasfa

    you cannot apply to FAFSA , but some states do offer some kind of financial aid for undocumented students I believe. You can go to the financial aid office at your school and ask if you qualify for some kind of financial aid, or search it online
  13. Hello! Been Waiting For 7Months Now

    Hi Arelij, you've been waiting for too long already :/ ... but hang in there it will eventually come best of luck!!!
  14. Hello, I'm Cesar

    Welcome to the forum I'm glad that the absence of a 9 digit # didn't stop you from going farther in your education! Wish you the best and I hope you get your approval soon!
  15. C'est La Vie

    that's where I will be transferring (to CSUN) in 2014 if everything goes well
  16. Thanks God I'm Finally Approved !!

  17. Ab540 Affidavit Concern

    when I did mine I marked the one that says : I am NOT a nonimmigrant alien. [u.S. citizens, permanent residents, or aliens without lawful immigration status, among others, should check this box.]
  18. My sister went to the SSA office as soon as the mailman delivered her EAD lol so no you don't have to wait
  19. Senate Immigration Bill Revealed

    so question .... are they still gonna release the whole bill today (with more details/explanations) ? or did they end up postponing it for tomorrow?
  20. Denial.

    Me and my sisters didn't sent official/original transcrips and the 3 of us got approved
  21. Are You Transferred To Neb?

    Nebraska is pretty fast, I've seen a lot of approvals from Nebraska in these past 2 weeks and most of them were from cases that were transferred from Vermont to Nebraska I think most of them were October people don't remember, but you can check out their timelines if you want
  22. My Story

    you're welcome and thanks
  23. Hello

    Wish you the best and hope you get your approval soon and welcome
  24. My Story

    Congrats!! I'm really happy for you!