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Did Dapa Just Got Cancel ??

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It is only temporary,

It will now move up to the 5th Circuit District Court to be reviewed and either rule against it again or in favor. If it rules in favor of DAPA and DACA extension meaning they declare DAPA and DACA extension constitutional then they go back to being implemented. If they rule against it then it will be moved to the Supreme Court. Either way, president has already stated that he will veto the bill, but we are hoping that it doesn't go through all that long process. We hope that the judges in the 5th Circuit District Court rule in favor. But in the mean time please do not get discouraged and keep preparing all your documents to be ready once it comes out.

For more info you can register to this webinar that United We Dream will be hosting a long with legal experts for those who have questions. Webinar is today.

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