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Hi guys.

I submitted my applicacion in may, 30 2013 and as of march 10, 2014 i haven't received anything yet. I had the finger prints taken in july 5 and since then nothing.

I am really running in my nerves because i'm under a deportacion process, after i was stop by a police officer... my lawyer took care of my case and the charged was changed to one that would be under the dream act laws... i been checking the uscis official page once in a while and things are still the same... i been calling to nebraska where my case is if anything is missing but nothing... and its only up to me because if i have my lawyer call he will charge me & i cant afford to pay him anymore... i'm literaty broke after all of this i already paid about 8,000 with all my case y lawyers etc...

Could anyone please explain me or something i really need help...

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I know how you feel I applied on March 18 2013 and did my biometrics on April. My younger sister applied on the first week of April and did her biometrics in May. She already got her stuff late September and I’m still waiting for mine. When she got hers, I called my lawyer right after the 6 months waiting period was over to find out what was going on with my case.  She called to find out what was going on and this is what she told me.  When they first started sending application they were getting sent to small centers (Don’t remember the location) where they would get process, but soon those center stared to become overwhelmed with a bunch of request and that’s when they started telling a attorneys to send them to Nebraska because they were just getting too overwhelmed. This is where the problem begins because the smaller centers never began sending the case they had to Nebraska they basically they became abandon. So only the new applications were getting processes and if it wasn’t for my attorney having them sent out Nebraska asap my case would still sitting somewhere with a bunch of dust on it.   Long story short no one knows how long it will take to get a decision since the Nebraska center is extremely backlogged as they have over 12,000  case  from early 2013  they still have to go thru.  My attorney also told me that they are not working on the new applications and until they get rid of this forgotten case like yours and mine. But the overall point is that there is not time frame as to when you will get a decison.

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