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On 8/31/2017 at 5:36 AM, Bannerdog said:

I have a question, motivated by curiousity, and compassion/concern.

Why are only young people eligible for Dreamers?

From a FAIRNESS perspective, I'd think older people are AT LEAST as justified.

If a person arrived as a child, and has lived her for 50 years, isn't she at least as "valid" as someone who arrived as a child, and has lived here for 20 years?

Or are older people "protected" by some other law?

In terms of economics, I understand that an older person (unless of a very "skilled" profession, such as doctor or engineer) is less productive and more of a burden.

Is that the justification for the age limitation?

Many Americans wonder why all immigrants do not just come to the United States legally or simply “get in line” if they are unauthorized. These suggestions miss the point: There is no line available for unauthorized immigrants and the “regular channels” do not include them. Most unauthorized immigrants do not have the necessary family or employment relationships let alone minimal education and often can’t get humanitarian protection, such as refugee or asylum status.There are also temporary, seasonal opportunities for agricultural workers and certain other “less skilled” workers, however their employers need to petition them for work and must provide convincing evidence that no one else can perform the job but the person who is being sponsored “””tough road ha!??”” An immigrant does not qualify as a refugee or an asylee because of he can find a job or their kids are starving in their home country. The diversity visa program or the “lottery draw visa” can take decades of wait time;  To qualify, applicants must have a high school education and two years of job experience. In some countries if you get passed the 6th grade you are lucky and the only job experience they have is to whatever pays nothing says specific to a job in America, “”who will want to hire someone with some reading knowledge and random experience to carrying grocery bags “”””

Unauthorized immigrants who want to adjust their status in this country can’t just “get in line.” There are lines, but a large number of “American Dream Seekers” are not eligible to be in any of them. Even if an immigrant meets all requirements  the wait can be very long if their country of origen is currently topped off with visa allowances given per year. So age is a possible factor but mainly its what qualifies them/me/her/him/us to get any type of humanitarian protection or benefit from INA, so i guess the answer is moot. 

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