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  1. I've noticed that many people don't seem to know that you have to create an account online to be able to receive Case Status Updates. I think this is because many people believe that by sending in the form G-1145 with their application, they would receive text and e-mail updates. The purpose of the form G-1145 was to notify you of when the Lockbox had received your application. After that, you won't get any further updates on your case. If you want to receive a notification whenever there is an update to your case, you're going to have to Sign up for it on the USCIS website. Let's get started: - First, go to this link to create an account, https://egov.uscis.g...tercustomer.jsp - You will see this form. Fill it out and click Submit. *Make sure to add a phone number if you want to receive text updates. - After you have created your account, Sign In using your User ID and Password. - After you have logged in, you will have the option to add your Receipt Number to your Portfolio. Click on Add a Case to Your Portfolio *You will be able to add your second Receipt Number on the next page. - Enter your Application Receipt Number, - Your application will now be added to your Portfolio. Click on Add a Case to Your Portfolio to add your second Receipt Number. - After you have added both Receipt Numbers to your portfolio, you will then be able to turn on the notifications. First, click on both of the boxes under Select. Then, click on E-mail Alert On or Mobile Alert On, or both, to turn on the notifications. - You will now receive a notification whenever there is an update to your case, like a Request For Evidence, Approval, Denial, Notice To Appear, Name Update or Case Transfer. No more need for constant checking. * Some of you will still be checking your status daily.
  2. I take no credit for this guide. What Happens After You Send In Your Forms? This will be a guide to what happens when everything for your DACA case goes as planned. You have sent in your forms I-821D, I-765 and I-765WS (G1145 for those that want the Email/TXT notification of application acceptance). So what are the steps and events that happen subsequent to this event? Assuming your package made it to one of the different Lockbox locations as specified in the instructions. You should receive an electronic notification or an electronic I-797C Receipt for both I-821D and I-765 forms. (5-7 days after they received your package at the Lockbox) The previous steps would mean that your forms had all the required information, that your forms were properly signed and that you included the correct filling fees. Your case has now been routed to one of the four Service Centers (Nebraska Service Center (LIN), Vermont Service Center (EAC), California Service Center (WAC), and Texas Service Center (SRC)). All service centers have different processing times for the forms you have sent; depending on their queue of pending applications you might see different processing dates. (This guide will detail more or less my case routed to LIN) You will then receive the physical receipts of the same notification (if you did not send form G1145 then this will be your first notification of your case), I-797C for both I-821D and I-765. (5 to 7 days after the Service Center received your package) The next step in the process would be for background checks as part of the decision process. USCIS will now request for your biometrics (fingerprints). You will then receive a subsequent I-797 Notice of Action receipt in the mail with your appointment date for your biometrics to be taken at your local Application Support Center, ASC. (7-10 days after the Service Center received your package) You have an appointment, the date arrived.* The ASC has successfully taken your biometrics/fingerprints, your photo and your signature. Depending on your background checks, whether your record is clean or not so clean, the following will take less or more time. Your biometrics are sent to the FBI (who usually returns your record within 24-48 hrs) and its forwarded to USCIS for them to do IBIS Name Check and IDENT Fingerprint Check as part of the background checks. The Biometrics letter after your appointment, notice the stamp. You should then receive a TXT (If you have Signed Up to USCIS Portfolio) showing that your I-765 application has been accepted and your card has been ordered for production. This change will also appear in Case Status online. (6-15 days after the date you did Biometrics at ASC) Congratulations! Your case has now been accepted! The adjudication of I-765 means your DACA case has been approved. You should then receive a TXT (If you have Signed Up to USCIS Portfolio) stating that your I-821D has been approved and a notice has been mailed. (1 day after your I-765 EAD goes into production) You should then receive a TXT (If you have Signed Up to USCIS Portfolio) stating that your Employment Authorization Document (EAD), has been mailed. (1 day after your I-765 EAD goes into production) You should then receive a TXT (If you have Signed Up to USCIS Portfolio) stating that USPS has picked up your EAD. (1 day after your I-765 EAD goes into production) Then you should receive a First Class Flat Rate Envelope that contains I-797D which contains the approval notice and the EAD card itself. (4 days after I-765 EAD goes into production) Front of I-797D Back of I-797D As you can see from the process above the time is streamlined and very efficient. I cannot guarantee that your case will take the same amount of time, because that is unrealistic, every case is different, and as time goes by there might be less or more realistically more applications for USCIS to go through. I sent in my application through Priority Mail on August 16 and was approved on September 11, which was less than 30 days. But, others have not had the same luck, so this is just so you can see the steps the case must go through. I cannot put a timeline for a case that might be sent a Request for Evidence (RFE) or a Notice of Intent of Denial (NOID) because I did not receive one and I have not read of any. This is case-by-case basis and if all the odds are in your favor you should expect the same result. This is also under the assumption that you qualify for this benefit, if you are committing fraud then you risk being denied and your case being referred to ICE. I take no credit for this guide.
  3. Tiempo Para Recibir Recibo De Daca

    Mandaste la forma G-1145? Si no, no te va a llegar texto ni e-mail, solo te llegaran dos cartas por correo notificandote que ya reibieron tus aplicaciones.
  4. Rfe Of Education

    You don't need to have the actual GED certificate. You just need proof that you are enrolled in and are currently attending GED classes.
  5. Official Daca Renewal Released

    Yeah. I find it weird how some people were approved without sending them in the first time. Makes me wonder if they are even necessary, but oh well, gotta send them in just to make sure. Yeah, this is basically what your packet should consist of, I-861D form I-765 form I-765WS form G-1145 form (optional) 2 passport photos $465 Check or Money Order made out to 'U.S. Department of Homeland Security' 1 copy of your EAD card (front and back) New documents involving removal proceedings or criminal history that you did not already submit to USCIS (only if applicable) Copy of the letter that came with your EAD, the one with the barcode. (optional)
  6. Official Daca Renewal Released

    You don't need to submit any documents with the I-821D application unless, You have new documents involving removal proceedings or criminal history that you did not already submit to USCIS in a previously approved DACA request.
  7. You can fill out the application at home and print it, or fill it in at the SSA office. http://www.socialsec...online/ss-5.pdf Find your nearest SSA office https://secure.ssa.gov/apps6z/FOLO/fo001.jsp http://www.ssa.gov/p...rred_action.pdf
  8. Fafsa?

    We don't qualify for FAFSA under DACA. You need to let the lady know so that she can perhaps help you find other forms of financial aid.
  9. Hello, Mari Here From Los Angeles, Ca

    Hi, welcome to the forum.
  10. Uh, no. We are not naturalizing into U.S. Citizens, so no, we did not have to do this.
  11. The renewal process has not been revealed yet, so no one knows if this will affect you, we can only speculate, and seeing as how DUIs were causes for application denials for DACA, then there is a big possibility that this will affect you.
  12. Advance Parole

    Humanitarian purposes, such as travel to obtain medical treatment, attend funeral services for a family member, or visit an ailing relative. http://www.uscis.gov/i-131
  13. I Won The Lottery!!!!! Omg

    And you got a Green Card from DACA as well right? ..............
  14. You can re-apply and start the whole process all over again if you have new evidence, but you can't re-open your same case.
  15. Question

    "The principal application could not be accepted for the reason(s) specified on the Notice of Action (Form I-797)." What are the reasons? Did you fill out the correct applications? I-821D, I-765 and I-765WS
  16. What are they requesting now?
  17. Name Change

    Try this, not sure if it will work or not. http://adreamact.com/index.php?app=core&module=usercp&tab=core&area=displayname
  18. It will show up on your background check and USCIS will request to see the paperwork if you didn't send it in with your application. It shouldn't affect your approval though.
  19. Could We Lose

    Most likely not.
  20. I don't believe there is one. The only way you would be able to get an ID or DL in Arizona is by using your EAD and on your EAD it was the Category 'C33' which is obviously not allowed to apply for an ID or DL.
  21. Help I Have Two Questions! Very Important

    My sister's and my birth certificate were translated at a public notary. You should call notaries around your area, or search on google for document translation and you should find some places that can do it. Another option would be to do it yourself or have a friend or family member do it. You just need to add this to the bottom of the page. Certification by Translator I [typed name], certify that I am fluent (conversant) in the English and ________ languages, and that the above/attached document is an accurate translation of the document attached entitled ______________________________. Signature_________________________________ Date _________________ Typed Name________________ Address___________________
  22. Applying For An Id

  23. You can't submit affidavits to prove that you were here on June 15, 2012, although, perhaps if you can get letters from a church, or a business or some other place besides from a friend of family member, they might work.
  24. Hi Im Erika

    Hi, welcome to the forum. Bank statements are good evidence to show continuous residence. Whether they are enough or not will most likely depend on how frequently they show user activity.
  25. 8 Months!!!!