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  1. I have contacted an attorney in regards to someone who is under 15 not being able apply, the attorney said that being under 15 at the time you apply is not a problem. I have also called immigration and the lady there advised that a child under 15 can still apply! Can someone please clarify!
  2. hola mi nombre Es Gerardo

    Bonel185, why dont you order a criminal history on yourself? You will know for sure what immigration will be seeing...There's an age thing too, some records are sealed...but I would definitely start out with a criminal history..
  3. hola mi nombre Es Gerardo

    Read over the requirements, you can still apply!!
  4. hola mi nombre Es Gerardo

    You can't still apply, the requirement also states that you can apply if at the time you are applying you are enrolled in high school or in a GED program!
  5. birth certificate

    Can your mom contact someone in your home country who could get a copy of the birth certificate?