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  1. Thanks Vic! This whole process sucks and takes too long to settle. Well I’ve googled expungements in Texas and aparantly they don’t expunge DWI in Texas if convicted which is not good news for me, but I’ll talk to an attorney to see if that is true or if I have other options. Thanks again for taking the time to help me.
  2. Thanks Alex! Not what I wanted to hear but I expected I would have to wait for my case to be settled. Just thought someone would have had a similar experience. I have tried to talk to lawyers but they are hounds lol very expensive even to just ask questions and with paying a attorney for my DWI I’m in no position to give out money lol. Thanks again Alex! You gave me something else to consider before I make up my mind.
  3. Hello everyone, I could really use some help with my current situation. The quick version, I got a DWI almost 3 years ago and I’m still fighting my case. My DACA expired 2 years ago and I’m losing my patience with how long this case is going. I am a recent Civil Engineering graduate and this is really holding me back. I have no prior arrest or misdemeanor of any sort and never been in trouble with law enforcement. I have court on May 15 but I’m not entirely sure if this will be when it gets settled. Well my questions to anyone who can give me some advice is this, with my pending DWI should I renew my DACA or since my charge is pending would that discualify me? I have contemplated sending my paper work but I’m unsure of the outcome. If anyone can help me in any way I’ll greatly appreciate your feedback. Thanks