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  1. Ok thanks I will look into the instructions for the W8-BEN Form but I also plan on opening a brokerage account. I want to to start trading in the stock market, so I am currently taking some momentum trading courses. I am going to talk to my immigration lawyer about question 3 maybe he will know be able to answer our question. Ad BTW my bank is golden 1 Credit union.
  2. Application approved

    Did you get this notice after your biometrics or before your biometrics appointment?
  3. Also I have a biometrics appointment but my question is does this mean my renewal application was approved?
  4. My bank account is currently restricted which means that I cant deposit any cash. My banker tells me I need to fill the W-8BEN tax form so that my account may be fully accessible. I havent filled it out because in question 3 it asks for my permanent resident address which according to the form its the address where I would live in if I lived in my country of origin. I have never lived in my country of origin since I was 5 so how could this be considered my permanent address. If I fill this out as the IRS asks will it affect my daca renewal or later on in my life lets say I have the prerequisites to become a resident will this also affect that process? Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.