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  1. Let's Have a Cash Competition?

    Sounds like fun!
  2. Anyone know where i can call to see about any places that will be open to help with application.
  3. felony and misdemeanor

    would i have to list this as a felony when i am asked?
  4. felony and misdemeanor

    ok good.. Thanks Itzel:) Hahaha... yeahh junior... well not drug her, just put her to sleep... to get her fired!
  5. Nervous and excited!

  6. when i was in fifth grade I was sent to MItchell (an alternative school where back then kids who were expelled went to) because i was with the wrong crowd at the wrong time. we were accused of trying to drug the teacher:// well i wasnt and am not a bad kid, woman, i am wondering if that will affect my chances of qualifying for dream act! PLease help! i am nervous:(
  7. Welcome to the forums 1125146 :)

    1. 1125146


      I am excited:) its good to know i am not alone:)