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  1. Check Your DACA Case Status

    Hi if my case status is in the initial review does it mean that is being check? or that I still need the biometrics? because I send those since February. The initial review guideline says that they're gonna send me the appointment to get the biometrics, I'm worry that maybe they haven't got my biometrics?
  2. Thank you Itzel I just found about this forum and it's great. Another quick question I read I will need some kind of id and I have nothing the only goverment issue id that i have is my old expired visa, will that affect me?
  3. Hi, I'm confused on what kind of paperwork I will need, I meet all the requirements(being here before 15 etc etc), but what paperwork is required? I have my high school transcripts. should I get like electricity bills, my current college transcript? what else do I need?
  4. Welcome to the forums AndresG :)